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  • Offshore Company Formation

    Fast Offshore is an Offshore Company Formation and Offshore Banking Services Provider specializing in Incorporation of Offshore Companies, Business Services, and Offshore Bank Accounts.

    Incorporate Offshore Today and Take advantage of our 16 years experience.

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  • Offshore Banking

    Offshore Banking is the holding of a bank account with a bank located outside ones country of residence, typically in a low tax jurisdiction. This can provide several advantages such as enhanced privacy and protection from predatory litigation.

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  • Privacy Protection

    Privacy can no longer be taken for granted. The meaning of "offshore banking" and "offshore privacy" is shifting as countries re-organize their non-disclosure legislation. Many would like you to believe that privacy is no longer attainable, however that is simply not the case.

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  • Wealth Management

    Wealth management accounts normally require a minimum portfolio of US $500,000 to US $1 million. The returns generated by these wealth managers obviously varies from year to year but can average 5-12% or more per year depending on the time horizon and risk profile of the portfolio.

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  • Online Affiliate Business

    Online Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Some industries are considered high risk and/or restricted in certain countries.

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  • Online Gambling

    Online Gambling Licenses are issued by a number of governments worldwide. As online gambling is prohibited in a number of countries, online gambling licenses are usually issued in offshore countries. Take advantage of our team's 15 plus years of experience in the industry in setting up your enterprise.

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  • Belize Forex Broker License

    Forex business activities have become highly regulated over the last few years. Now if a company wants to offer Forex Brokerage or Trading services to its clients (Corporate or Personal), the company must be licensed.

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We are Offshore Company Formation experts specialized in Offshore Company Formation & Incorporation. Providing the most reliable Offshore Company Formation Services in the most secure offshore jurisdictions. As experts in the field we specialize in fast, safe, private and professional offshore company and banking services. We offer complete solutions Incorporate Offshore including offshore incorporation, opening offshore bank account, virtual office services and much more.

Originally established in 1998 as ‘Offshore Secrets Network, we work and partner with financial professionals in over 13 offshore business and financial centres.

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Offshore Company Formation

We are the experts at Offshore Company Formation and Offshore Incorporation of companies, IBCs and foundations in Belize, British Virgin Islands [BVI], Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Malta, Nevis, St. Vincent and Panama.

We offer Nominee Services including Nominee Directors, Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Councils for our Offshore Company Formation and Offshore Foundation services.

We also offer Fast Offshore Bank Account and Offshore Investment Account opening services in a variety of secure jurisdictions and tax havens including but not limited to Andorra, Austria, Belize, BVI, Cayman Islands, Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore, St. Vincent, Switzerland and many others.

Offshore Incorporation

Our managing director’s established connections of over 16 years make it possible for us to offer clients the best products and services available in the best offshore locations around the world. Because we have so many options at our disposal, we can recommend the best jurisdictions and institutions to suit our client’s needs. This is a brief list of some of the services and countries that we work in to establish offshore structures for our clients.

  • International Business Corporations (IBCs) – Belize, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, Malta, Marshall Islands, Nevis, Panama, St. Vincent
  • Trusts – Bahamas, Belize, Nevis
  • Offshore Foundations – Bahamas, Belize, Curacao, Panama
  • Offshore Bank Accounts – Austria, Belize, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta, Singapore, St. Vincent and Switzerland.
  • Offshore Brokerage Accounts – Austria, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Panama
  • Offshore Investment Accounts – Andorra, Austria, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Panama, Singapore, Switzerland
  • Offshore Precious Metals Accounts – Austria, St. Vincent, Switzerland
  • Offshore Addresses – Bahamas, Costa Rica, Panama

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