Kahnawake Gaming License: A Great Option for Startups

Kahnawake Gaming License
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If you’re considering setting up an online gambling business, you might be evaluating which jurisdiction is best suited to your licensing needs. The Kahnawake gaming license offers operators a flexible, cost-efficient, and straight forward setup process with a whole host of benefits. A well-respected jurisdiction and a preferred location for startups, operators can enjoy competitive setup and maintenance costs, enticing fiscal benefits, and an agile licensing process.

The Kahnawake Mowhawk Territory is a First Nations reserve located in Quebec, Canada. It operates autonomously and is free to make its own corporate and fiscal laws. Since 1999 the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been licensing the global online gambling market and they currently have more than 250 gaming sites licensed within the territory. Here we will discuss the range of benefits a Kahnawake gaming license brings, as well as details of the acquisition process.

Benefits of the Kahnawake Gaming License

There is a wide range of benefits to acquiring a Kahnawake betting license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. These have resulted in the jurisdiction becoming one of the leading locations for startup and established online gambling companies. Here are just some of the benefits of a Kahnawake online gambling license.

Benefit 1 Relatively Quick

While the Kahnawake license may not be as quick as Curacao, it is still possible to acquire it in a relatively short period. Of course, this depends on how quickly you submit all the applicable documentation and making sure that the documents are as requested.

The application process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks and if everything is in order, approval can take another 8 to 10 weeks. This makes Kahnawake one of the fastest jurisdictions for acquiring an online gambling license. 

Benefit 1 Straight forward

Applying for an online gambling license in any jurisdiction requires a significant amount of paperwork, documents, and processes. While this does still apply to Kahnawake, there is less than other jurisdictions. Compared to Curacao, there are more tasks to be completed such as questionnaires and supporting documentation that needs to be provided, the burden is less. Furthermore, if you engage Fast Offshore to help you with the process, you can lessen the load even more.

Benefit 1 Player acceptance

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is known for its respectability and the jurisdiction is considered trustworthy. Holding a Kahanawake gambling license implies responsible and fair gaming practices and that the entity is not fraudulent in any way.

The Commission takes the complaints of users very seriously and those that violate the rules are suspended. Some even have their licenses cancelled and this has been the case following investigations that revealed unethical business practices. This dedication to regulatory efforts has resulted in a high-level of player protection for players and business partners. It’s understood that the Commission is dedicated to supervising and monitoring their licensees and this increases player loyalty and confidence in gambling platforms.

Benefit 1 Another great option for startups or small gaming businesses

Fast Offshore usually recommends the Kahnawake online gambling license for startups or smaller businesses. This is due to all of the benefits listed here but also because it remains cost-efficient. This means that profits can be reinvested into the business to help with expansion, business development, marketing, and onboarding new games, rather than paying taxes and hefty fees.

Once the company has matured and is in a solid financial standing, Fast Offshore can help them apply for licenses in other jurisdictions, enabling access to additional markets. Of course, some choose to remain in Kahnawake, in those cases we can happily assist with ongoing maintenance.

Benefit 1 Zero Tax

Those with a Kahnawake Gaming License (Client Provider Authorization) can enjoy 0% gaming tax on all gross gaming revenues. This is great for businesses that want to keep overheads low and focus on reinvesting revenue and profit into expanding the company.

Benefit 1 Application Fees

Application fees for a Kahnawake betting license are some of the lowest around. While they are not as low as Curacao, they are at a point which is affordable for many startups and smaller businesses. Lower than Malta or other EU jurisdictions, they provide a comprehensive license in a respected jurisdiction which allows more capital to be invested in the product, than tied up in administrative processes.

Kahnawake Gambling License Cost

The cost of a Kahnawake betting license is one of the biggest considerations an operator will take. Weighing up the benefits versus the cost of application and ongoing maintenance is a fundamental part of the business planning process. The good news is that Fast Offshore has a price point for almost every budget.

We understand that every company has different requirements, goals, and amounts of capital to invest in their platform. As such, Fast Offshore are flexible and can provide tailor-made packages that suit the company’s individual needs and requirements. Regardless of size, structure, or vision, we can create a comprehensive package that ticks every box and will help propel you to the next level. Whether you want to open an eSports betting platform, an online casino, or a slots app, we can help.

As well as offering to take you through the whole license application and acquisition process, we also assist in setting up an optimal financial structure. Fast Offshore can take care of:

  • Business planning and strategy
  • Compliance
  • Company incorporation
  • Tax planning
  • Merchant and payment provider agreements
  • Accounting and so much more.

All you need to do is contact us today to tell us what you want and let us do the rest. We listen to our clients and won’t try to sell you anything or point you in the direction of something that doesn’t directly align with your goals. Contact us to find out more about starting a Kahnawake gaming business.

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Kahnawake Gaming License Turnkey Package

Fast Offshore has been working with the Kahnawake betting license since the very first licenses were issued. That means we are perfectly placed to help our clients navigate the application process and liaise with authorities. It also means that based on our vast experience, we have been able to create a full Turnkey Package that addresses the needs and requirements of online gambling entrepreneurs. 

This package contains all of the services needed to go live in Kahnawake including administration, licensing, regulatory, compliance, and fiscal considerations. The great thing is that the price of this package is more competitive than most of all the other online gambling licensing jurisdictions at the moment.

Availing of a turnkey package means all of the behind-the-scenes work can be taken care of by Fast Offshore, while the business owner focuses on building their brand.

Benefit 1 Application costs

Before the application is processed, a fee of $40,000 USD must be paid to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This includes the first years licensing fee as well as the Key Person License Application.
The package from Fast Offshore includes these fees as well as all other costs relating to due diligence, corporate structures, settlement account opening, assistance negotiating with payment providers, as well as everything related to acquiring the Kahnawake online gambling license.

Benefit 1 Company creation and corporate structure

To operate an online gambling company from Kahnawake, the applicant must first incorporate a company. Our turnkey package includes the incorporation of an offshore license holding company as well as a contracting company, both of which are fundamental to operating a business licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

The addition of a contracting company makes the process of negotiating with third parties and opening settlement accounts in other jurisdictions, much more straight forward. Fast Offshore will also ensure that the corporate structure used is of optimum efficiency to ensure maximum fiscal benefits for the owners.

Benefit 1 Payments

Fast Offshore will also set up a corporate merchant account, that will allow you to accept both Visa and Mastercard payments– the two most popular merchants in the world. We also work with several international banking establishments and financial service companies globally and can secure you the best corporate rates.

We suggest integrating many different payment options into your platform. Fast Offshore can help with advising you which are the best to pursue, including fiat currency and cryptocurrency options.

Benefit 1 Licensing

For those that are new to the online gambling industry and even seasoned professionals, the licensing process can be a bit daunting. There is a range of different licenses available and it can be difficult to know which is the right one to apply for, and which documents need to be submitted.

Furthermore, liaising with foreign licensing authorities can be challenging and time-consuming. Fast Offshore can take care of the whole process for you from telling you what documents you need to submit, and handling all communications every step of the way. By engaging with a professional, you save yourself time and money while increasing the accuracy of your application. 

What Does Exactly the Turn-Key Package Include?

Our complete package includes everything you need to set up and operate an online gaming Company with a Kahnawake Online Gaming License:

  • An Offshore Corporation: Incorporating offshore is an excellent choice when it comes to registering an offshore holdings company. Featuring one of the world’s friendliest corporate legal environments. 
  • A European Contracting Company: We recommend Cyprus for incorporating the required EU contracting company. Cyprus is an ideal choice when it comes to incorporating a company for international business activities especially online businesses focused on Asian, Australian, European and Latin American markets. Tax optimized corporate structure combined with low-tax on profits (12.5% Tax Rate on net profits), and one of the world’s friendliest business environments enable you to conduct your business successfully.
  • Assistance preparing, collating and submitting the application for the Kahnawake Online Gaming License to the Gaming Commission
  • A Corporate Account for online gaming: We work with a variety of international payment institutions and financial institutions who cater to the online gambling industry.
  • Direct Online Gambling Merchant Accounts for acceptance of both Visa & MasterCard at the absolute best rates: Once you have your business established you will need to be able to receive payments from your customer.
  • 4 Hours Personalized Advice: Need some help or assistance with conducting your business offshore? Want to get favourable conditions when applying for an offshore credit card? Want to know where you can invest your offshore profits for maximum return? … Ask us! We will do our best to assist you with whatever concerns and problems you might have.

We offer a range of packages for different kinds of businesses, different goals, and different budgets. Tell us what you need and we will present you with a package that includes all the necessary services for your business. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

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Ongoing Maintenance of your Gaming License

Once you have the Kahnawake license in hand, you need to be sure you are maintaining it to the standards required by the licensing Commission. This is something that can be time-consuming and complex for those that are busy with running a successful gambling platform. But don’t worry, Fast Offshore offers ongoing support to licenses, after the setup and licensing is complete. We can assist with maintenance of corporate matters including the company, compliance, and the license.

We can also assist with investment advice and helping you expand as your business goes from strength to strength. This can include acquiring new licenses, negotiating agreements with new payment and service providers, and other forms of expansion.

The Kahnawake annual renewal fees are significantly lower than in jurisdictions such as Malta and Fast Offshore also provides great value with its maintenance packages. Let us take care of all your obligations and corporate matters on an ongoing basis, with reliability and full transparency. This will give you more time to focus on the success of your business venture.

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Kahnawake Gaming License Tax

Any company operating in the sphere of online gambling and holding a Kahnawake gaming license can enjoy a 0% rate of tax and 0% gaming tax. This is significantly lower than many of the competing jurisdictions but is still within international rules on taxation.

This is a huge bonus for startups who want to prove their concept and build up a client base before considering the transition to another jurisdiction such as one within the EU.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission
Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the regulatory authority that oversees the licensing and issuance of online gambling licenses in the Mowhawk Territory of Kahnawake. They also conduct ongoing supervision and monitoring of licensees after the licensed has been acquired.

The Commission first enacted its rules regarding online gambling in 1999, making it one of the oldest iGaming legislators in the world. Since then, it has grown to become a well-respected name in the industry and it’s home to several hundred online gambling platforms.

Kahnawake authorities are very tough on issues such as fairness, transparency, and customer service. They keep a detailed record of all customer complaints and conducts investigations in cases where operators refuse to pay out to a player, close their account or where fairness is questioned, are monitored by the Commission. This gives both players and operators peace of mind that they will be treated fairly when they gamble on a Kahnawake licensed site.

Benefit 1 Kahnawake Gaming Regulations

The regulations created by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission are designed to both regulate and support the development of the industry. They ensure that all online gambling activities conducted from Kahnawake, within the jurisdiction, or underneath the Kahnawake betting license, comply with these key principles:

  • Providing a legal way to regulate and control iGaming that is based in, from, or offered from and within the jurisdiction of Kahnawake
  • Ensuring that all online gambling under the Kahnawake license is conducted in a fair, honest, and responsible way
  • Preventing online gambling from being associated with criminality and crime, particularly when associated with the jurisdiction of Kahnawake
  • Ensuring that online gambling platform providers treat all players fairly, with transparency, that payments are made swiftly and that all information relating to payers is held in a secure and confidential manner
  • Protecting minors and vulnerable individuals from exposure to online gambling

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission also provides players with some mechanisms to resolve disputes and address player complaints. These include third-party mediation and arbitration. The Commission employs a full-time Dispute Resolution Officer whose sole responsibility is to ensure that issues between players and platforms are resolved amicably and promptly.

Fast Offshore works directly with the Commission and has built up a solid relationship over the past decades. We understand how they work, what they expect, what they need, and what needs to be done to ensure the acquisition of a Kahnawake gaming license, as well as the smooth running of ongoing operations.

Requirements to get a Kahnawake Gaming License

There are several gaming license requirements when applying for a Kahnawake license. As with all other online gambling jurisdictions, the authorities need to be able to establish the identity of the owners, where funds have come from, and whether you are competent to operate a business of this kind. To do this, applicants need to submit ID documents, proof of address, proof of income, professional references and an application form.

These documents, submissions and forms will then be analysed to make sure there are no discrepancies and that the operator is a proper fit for the Kahnawake jurisdiction. We reserve the right to request additional supporting documentation on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify for a Kahnawake Gaming License the following conditions and submissions have to be met by every single authorized person, officer, director, shareholder, beneficial and ultimate beneficiary owner:

  • Original Certificate of no criminal record of the owners of the company to ensure that there are no criminal records about these owners
  • Certified Copy(ies) of passport(s) not older than 3 months
  • Birth Certificate
  • Original Bank references of the owners; not older than 3 months
  • Personal Financial Statements for Directors, Shareholders and UBOs
  • Original or Certified Copies of utility bills not older than 3 months
  • Description and details of the games offered and gaming software being used
  • Confirmation of the RNG application and its fairness (3rd party certification) if applicable
  • Hosting of servers in Kahnawake
NOTE – All documents must be in English and dated no older than 90 days. Where documents are not in English, certified English translations are required.

What kind of licenses are there?

The Kahnawake Gaming License provides several options for operators, depending on the service or products they will be offering. There are in total six different licenses but if you just want to operate an online gambling site, you only need to apply for two of them; the Client Provider Authorization and the Key Persons Permits.

Benefit 1 Client Provider Authorization From (CPA)

This is one of the licenses required to establish an online gambling platform from Kahnawake. The holder of a CPA is referred to as an Authorized Client Provider and can conduct interactive gaming from premises located within the jurisdiction. If you are looking to base your operations from Kahnawake, this is one of the two licenses you would need to acquire to do so.

Benefit 1 Key Person Permit (KPP)

In addition to the CPA, at least one person within the entity is required to apply for a Key Person Permit. This person is the individual designated with both managerial or operational functions for the entity that holds the CPA.

It is often the case that several KPP’s are required as there are more than one persons responsible for key functions, decisions, and the management of the license holding company.

The Application Process

The acquisition of a Kahnawake online gaming license can take 4 to 8 weeks as long as all documents are in order. Should the application be denied for whatever reason, the Commission will refund the applying entity $10,000 USD. All other fees including professional service fees are not refundable.

1 The first step of the process is to apply for the CPA. This includes the requirement for some documents to be produced, including the application form. In addition to this, a Business Entity Information Form must be completed on behalf of the entity along with a Personal Information Form. The latter must be filled out and submitted by every shareholder with more than 10% ownership and each person who will submit a Key Person License Application Form. In the case of a publicly traded corporation, information must be provided on each director including an up-to-date CV and annual reports for the last three years.

2 At the same time as applying for the Kahnawake gaming license, steps should also be taken in terms of incorporating a company. Fast Offshore will take care of this along with incorporating a contracting company, tax planning, and other corporate considerations.

3 Another important step of the process is ensuring compliance with ethical considerations. These include fair play policies, transparency, and making sure that the entity is not affiliated with crime or criminality in any way. The operator must also ensure they are not offering or allowing access to their games to minors of vulnerable users. Steps must also be taken to ensure data privacy, user confidentiality, and security.

4 Once the application and all required documents have been gathered, they can be submitted to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. A decision on the application can usually be expected within 4 to 8 weeks. The first license will be issued for six months, during which time, ongoing review and testing of the entity will take place.

5 After 12 months have elapsed, the Commission will conduct a final review of the application and will decide whether they will issue a second license. It’s usually at this stage that the operator will decide whether to remain in Kahnawake or relocate to another jurisdiction.

To ensure the application and acquisition process is achieved in the minimum amount of time, it’s advisable to engage a corporate service provider like Fast Offshore. Knowing the ins and outs of the process and familiarity with the Commission means that the application can be done quicker and more smoothly than if you go it alone.

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Why is the Kahnawake Gambling License is ideal for startups?

There are several reasons why Kahnawake is great for online gambling startups.

  • For startups, one of the biggest attractions is the fact that licensing fees are low. This is a stark contrast to many other jurisdictions, including many EU ones. Malta, the Isle of Man and the UK have an expensive and complex licensing process that put acquiring a license there out of the reach of many startups. For those that want to test the water with a new idea or concept, Kahnawake is perfect.
  • Benefits including low fees and fast setup time are great for those looking to establish their first business of this kind. Furthermore, Kahnawake has been issuing the license since 1999 and this means they have a lot of experience and have gained a solid reputation.
  • Another big selling point is the zero tax rate meaning profit can be quickly and easily reinvested into new games, marketing and expanding the business. This is particularly useful for startups in their first years of operation who may not have the big budgets of their more established competitors.
  • With a quick set-up time, the Kahnawake gaming license means operators can be up and running soon, without having to wait for many months. This is very important with small-time operators as they can be profitable quicker, therefore recouping outgoings and reinvesting them in a shorter period.

Kahnawake is perfect for startups and SMEs. The licensing process offers a quick and cost-effective way to establish your business and prove a concept before considering whether to move onto bigger things. Let us answer your questions and provide you with the guidance you need to make the best decision for you. To find out more about the online gambling license in Kahnawake, contact us today!

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About the Kahnawake Nation

Kahnawake, otherwise known as the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory is a First Nations reserve in Quebec, Canada. It is autonomous and can make its own laws and regulations regarding company law, corporate matters, taxation, and licensing. 

It has around 8000 residents, many of whom are employed in the gambling industry, and it sits on an area of just 18.5 square miles. While you may think this doesn’t sound like the ideal gambling jurisdiction, it is, in fact, a great option for an increasing number of operators.

With a highly-skilled workforce with decades of experience and a reputable and fair Commission, Kahnawake is a valid choice for startup iGaming businesses. Furthermore, the licenses available in Kahnawake are flexible and adaptable and can be used for eSports betting, sports betting, poker, live casino games, live table games, video games, slots, and much, much, more.

Contact Fast Offshore to Get Your Kahnawake Gambling License

Not only does Fast Offshore have over 25 years of experience within the online gambling industry, but we’ve worked in Kahnawake since the beginning. This means we are in the right position to guide you into making the best decision for your business. Tell us about your dream and vision, and we can tell you whether Kahnawake is the right place for your license, or whether it’s better to look elsewhere.

Fast Offshore also enjoys a big network of contacts both in-country and internationally that will help you get set up and operational quickly and efficiently. We know the application process thoroughly as well as whom to talk to and how to overcome certain obstacles. Contact us today to help us make your dream a reality!

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