Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore Company

Offshore Company Definitions

What is an offshore company?

What is an IBC?

What is a shelf company?

What are bearer shares?

What are the articles of incorporation?

What is a certificate of registration?

What are memorandum and articles of association?

What is a certificate of good standing?

What is an apostille?

What is a UBO?

What is a shareholder?

What is a company director?

What are registered shares?

What is a registered agent?

What is a registered shareholder?

What is a registered director?

What is a certificate of incumbency?

What is a nominee shareholder/director service? Why should I use it?

What is a power of attorney?

What is an account signatory?

General Questions

Is moving assets offshore illegal?

What are the main uses of an offshore company? 

How much does an offshore company cost?

How long does it take to open an offshore company?

Which jurisdiction should I use to open my business?

Are there any restrictions on the objects and activities of an offshore company? 

How many directors/shareholders/ubo/officers do I need to open a company? 

Do I have to visit the offshore jurisdiction to register my company? 

Can I purchase an offshore company that’s already made? 

I already have a company in my own country, can I transfer it to a new jurisdiction? 

Can I switch my offshore company from a registered agent to another? 

Can I change the name of my company later?

Can I change the director of my offshore company?

Can I change the shareholders of my company?

Can you get me an offshore serviced office?

Which industries do you service?

What methods of payment do you accept? 

What is your refund policy? 

When will I receive my offshore company documents? 

What happens if I don’t pay my offshore company renewal fees?

What’s the procedure if I want to close the company? 


What is a certification?

What are the certification requirements?

What guidelines must be followed for the certification?

Why is a certified translation required when my paperwork is not English?

Why can’t my documents be older than 3 months?

Can I provide an ID that’s not a passport? 

What does proof of address mean?

What is a bank reference?

What is a professional reference?

What is a source of funds declaration?

Why do all my officers, UBOs, shareholders and directors need to provide all the documentation?

Do I need to specify the nature of my business? 

Can I create an offshore company without telling my name? 

Why is the geographical location of my customers important? 

Shareholders, Directors, UBO and Officers

Must all the names, addresses, nationalities of the UBO be disclosed to open the company?

May I be a shareholder and also the director of my company? 

Must the director reside in the offshore jurisdiction or be local? 

Can shareholders/directors be represented by proxy?

Is it risky to have a nominee director? 

How can I protect my ownership where a nominee is engaged to act as a director or shareholder? 

Do you provide nominee directors of your confidence?

Who can sign on behalf of the company? 

Offshore Company Finances

What is asset protection?

Am I forced to declare assets/profits in my own country? 

Must my offshore company keep books and financial records?

Is there a minimum/maximum amount of capital which must be paid before doing business? 

What is the difference between paid-up capital and authorized capital? 

What are the annual renewal fees? 


General Online Gaming Questions

Is it worth opening a gambling business?

What documentation is required to open a gambling business?

How much tax does an offshore gambling business have to pay?

What is crypto gambling?

Online Gambling Licenses

Why do I need an online gaming license to operate?

What type of betting options can be licensed? 

How much does an online gambling license cost?

What is the best offshore jurisdiction for gambling licenses?

Can I get a gambling license to cater to USA players?

Curacao Gaming License

What are the benefits of a Curacao gaming license?

How much does a Curacao gaming license cost?

Why is the Curacao gambling license ideal for startups??

Kahnawakee Gaming License

What are the benefits of a Kahnawake Gaming License?

How much does a Kahnawakee gambling license cost?

What does the Kahnawake Gaming Commission do?

Malta Gaming License

What benefits does the Malta online gaming license offer?

How much does a Malta gaming license cost?

For what type of business is the Malta gaming licence ideal for? 

Isle of Man Gaming License

What are the benefits of an Isle of man gambling license?

How much does an Isle of Man gambling license cost?

For what type of business is the Isle of Man gambling license ideal for?

Costa Rica Gaming License

How much does the Costa Rica gaming license cost?

How can I incorporate a Costa Rica online gaming company?

Gambling Services

What gambling services do you offer? 

What ongoing services do you offer for iGaming?

What are the ongoing annual costs for a gambling company? 


General Offshore Banking Questions

What is an offshore bank account?

Is offshore banking illegal?

What are the main benefits of offshore banking?

Are offshore bank accounts safe?

Can my bank account have more than one currency? 

Do I need to report this offshore bank account to my country’s local authorities?

Can offshore bank accounts be tracked by my country?

Opening an Offshore Bank Account

How long does it usually take to open an offshore bank account?

Can I open a personal bank account offshore? 

What are the requirements to open a personal offshore bank account?

What are the requirements to open a corporate offshore bank account?

In which countries can you open a bank account for my company?

Do I need to travel to the offshore country to open my bank account? 

Why should I go through you instead of contacting the bank directly?

Which banks do you use? 

Is the opening of a bank account guaranteed?

Merchant Accounts

General Merchant Account Questions

What is a merchant account?

What is a merchant account processor?

Can I process payments or accept credit card payments without a merchant account?

Is it harder to open a merchant account for a startup or new business?

Can I still open a merchant account if I have bad credit?

Are there any application fees for a merchant account?

How are merchant account fees calculated?

What is an acceptable threshold for chargebacks?

Can my merchant account get suspended or closed?

How can I avoid getting my account closed?

Is it advisable to have merchant accounts in different locations?

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

What is a high-risk business merchant account?

What are the differences between low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts?

Is it hard to open a high-risk account?

What are the requirements to open a high-risk merchant account?

How long does it take to open a high-risk merchant account?

What are the most common high-risk industries?

What type of high-risk merchants can you help me with?

Is there a minimum volume required to open a high-risk merchant account?

iGaming Merchant Account

Can you help me open a gambling merchant account?

Why is gambling considered a high-risk industry?

What are the requirements to open a gambling merchant account?

How can I keep my gambling merchant account in good shape?

Ecommerce Merchant Account

Why is ecommerce considered high-risk?

What are the requirements to open an ecommerce merchant account?

How much does an ecommerce merchant account cost?

How can I keep my ecommerce merchant account in good shape?


General Blockchain Questions

What is Blockchain?

Is Blockchain secure?

Which entity regulates Blockchain?

How does Blockchain work?

How is Blockchain immutable?

How can Blockchain prevent fraud?

Is Blockchain just a trend or will it continue expanding?

Is Blockchain banned anywhere in the world?

What’s the difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin?

How does Blockchain relate to Bitcoin?

What is the difference between private and public blockchains?

What is a smart contract and what are the benefits?

Blockchain for Business

How can Blockchain be applied to the business world?

What industries are currently involved with Blockchain?

What offshore jurisdictions do you recommend incorporating a Blockchain startup?

What requirements do I need to incorporate a Blockchain startup?

How much does it cost to open a Blockchain business?

How can I start a Blockchain business?

What services do you offer for Blockchain startups?


Crypto General Questions

What is cryptocurrency?

Is cryptocurrency legal?

Are cryptocurrency transactions private?

How stable is cryptocurrency?

What can I do with crypto? 

How does cryptocurrency work?

Where can I use cryptocurrency? 

What countries are considered crypto-friendly?

What are the most popular cryptocurrencies? 

What are altcoins?

Are crypto payments faster than FIAT currencies?

How can I implement cryptocurrency in my business? 

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

What is cryptocurrency gambling?

How is cryptocurrency used for ecommerce?

Forex Broker License

Forex Broker License General Questions

How to get a Forex Broker License?

What are the Forex Broker Requirements for Licensing?

Why should I pick an offshore jurisdiction for a Forex License?

What are the Seychelles Forex broker requirements?

How much does a Seychelles Forex License cost?

What are the Vanuatu Forex broker requirements?

How much does a Vanuatu Forex License cost?


Compliance Terminology

What is GDPR?

What is KYC?

What is FATCA?

What is AML/CTF?

Compliance Services

What is compliance?

What are regulatory services? 

Do data protection laws apply to my business regardless of where it’s located? 

What type of user data does my company need to protect?  

What is a compliance audit?

What are the responsibilities of a compliance officer?

Can you recommend a compliance officer? 

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