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International Corporate Service Provider
International Corporate Service Provider

Back in 1998, the Managing Partner of what would become Fast Offshore noticed there was a gap in the market. iGaming, forex brokerages, offshore company incorporation and ecommerce were starting to flourish and cross-border businesses were emerging.

With a surge of interest from entrepreneurs, there was a lack of multi-disciplinary, international, and experienced corporate service providers ready to help. And so Fast Offshore was created. 

Fast forward more than 24 years (and counting) and we’ve solidified our place as one of the leading providers in the offshore market. With expertise in offshore banking, corporate structures, international business, gambling licensing, blockchain, and fintech across multiple jurisdictions, few have come close to the scope of services offered by Fast Offshore.

bullet Our Expertise

Fast Offshore works with a range of startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses of all sizes. From big names to smaller names, we’ve helped industry leaders from all sectors realize their business dreams.

Our portfolio of services encompasses those that are needed to get different kinds of businesses up and running. This includes:

We can even help you draft business plans, fill out application forms, and fine-tune your ideas for optimum success. Above all, we give expert advice in a fully transparent and honest manner, based on our decades of experience.

There isn’t much we haven’t seen or worked on and as such, both the founder and firm are globally recognised. Fast Offshore has appeared widely in the press and is often referred to as a source of professional opinions on a range of industries.

In addition to this, Fast Offshore has created a network of professional partners worldwide. This puts the firm in a unique position where we can offer clients an A-Z service in almost any industry and location.

bullet Our 3 Core Aims

At the centre of everything we do are three core aims:

bullet Develop and maintain authentic relationships

Fast Offshore is not interested in quick sales and high client turnover.

We want to engage you, listen to you, provide solutions and suggestions specific to your business’ needs and work to nurture a long-term relationship.

We believe in honesty, transparency and professionalism and won’t sell you something you don’t need just to make a profit. Also, we will always reply to your communications quickly. Your business success is our goal and Fast Offshore believes that this cannot be achieved unless an authentic relationship is cultivated.

bullet Operate with a high level of integrity

Success cannot be achieved by cutting corners, adding on ‘surprise’ fees, or not being open and straightforward. We won’t lure you in with a ‘good deal’ only to give you a nasty shock further down the line.

Fast Offshore pledges to engage in honest dialogue with you from day one. We won’t hide anything, conceal anything, or try to upsell you unnecessarily. Furthermore, we practice the highest levels of ethical and legal compliance. Fast Offshore maintains high due diligence standards that are enforced throughout every aspect of the client relationship.

bullet Maintain a friendly and mutually respectful environment for all

Whether it’s clients, their employees, authorities in a particular jurisdiction, or our team, Fast Offshore believes in respect.

We work hard to foster an environment where everyone is treated equally, regardless of who they are or what the situation is.

Fast Offshore believes that this is the right way to conduct business and we insist on maintaining these standards at all times. You’ll be hard pushed to find a friendlier or more supportive welcome than you’ll get at Fast Offshore!

bullet Contact Us

Business is booming and we are working with growing numbers of innovative, disruptive, and evolutionary companies and individuals. If you have a dream, we want to hear it! Let us help you with the practical solutions you need to turn your dream into a reality. Explore our site, send us a message, and schedule a free consultation– we can’t wait to hear from you!

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