A guide to the Kahnawake online gambling license

The Kahnawake online gambling license is a top choice for both startups and more established brands. It provides security, reputability and great fiscal benefits, as well as being straightforward and cost-efficient to acquire. Those looking to work with a Kahnawake license will need to go through an application process which requires due care and attention. To understand how this process works and what you need to do, this guide from Fast Offshore tells all.

Kahnawake is a First Nations reserve located in Quebec, Canada. It was among the first jurisdictions in the world to really understand the potential of the iGaming sector. Local authorities decided to regulate online gambling and use the money to bolster the local economy. The first regulatory framework was rolled out in 1999, and since then, it has become home to over 50 big-name brands. In 2022, it is regarded as one of the most reputable licenses available due to the authority’s stance on fair and responsible gaming. While on paper, getting a license is easy, in reality, you need to work hard for it and keep it.

What licenses are available?

There isn’t just one kind of Kahnawake online gambling license; there are several with different purposes. They are as follows:

Interactive Gaming License

This license allows the license holder to run a facility which is authorised to offer services for authorised Client Providers, for example, servers and data centres. There is only one licensee in Kahnawake, held by Mohawk Internet Technologies, and this is unlikely to change. In other words, you will not need to worry about applying for an Interactive Gaming License.

Client provider authorisation

This is the license you need to run an online gambling site from Kahnawake. It allows an operator to run an interactive gambling website or platform from the facility owned and managed by the IGL holder and also other locations within Kahnawake. The person that holds the client provider authorisation is also known as an authorised client provider. You will have to apply for this license when you decide you want to base your business on Kahnawake.

Casino software provider authorisation

This permit allows the entity or person holding it to both operate and locate an online gambling company’s equipment in the facility owned by the interactive gaming license holder. It also allows the holder to offer casino software to another operator to use in their platform or website. This kind of permit does not allow the person holding it to provide gambling services directly to clients. It is similar to a B2B license in some other jurisdictions.

Live dealer studio authorisation

If you want to offer live dealer games to your clients, and you should, then you should get this permit. It allows the holder to offer a live dealers studio and to run live dealer games within the Kahnawake territory.

Inter Jurisdictional Authorisations

This license is issued to a gambling entity that holds a license similar to an interactive gaming license from another jurisdiction and that wants to base people or equipment in Kahnawake.

Key person permit

This permit is necessary for all client provider authorisation license holders, and it requires them to appoint at least one individual who is responsible for key managerial or operational functions. Every license holder must have at least one key person that is authorised by the Kahnawake authorities. If you want to get an online gambling license in Kahnawake, you must apply for a key person permit.

Why do I need to go to the trouble?

To operate an online gambling company legally, you need an online gambling license. Without it, you are at risk of criminal action in multiple jurisdictions. You will also face issues with getting good-quality games, opening a bank account, and partnering with companies that provide payment gateways and services. Costa Rica is the only place where you do not need a license, limiting you to payments in only cryptocurrency. If you are serious about working in the online gambling industry and want to target markets worldwide, then you need to get a Kahnawake online gambling license.

While the process of getting a license requires time and money, the Kahnawake gambling license is valid for five years, and it covers all markets except the US. This means that you can offer your services globally, but of course, you have to conform to rules relating to advertising and other matters in your chosen markets.

What are the benefits of a Kahnawake online gambling license?

There are several benefits to a Kahnawake online gambling license. They include the following:

  • There is zero per cent tax on all income from a company with a Kahnawake online gambling license outside the territory. There are also no additional taxes, such as gaming tax, meaning your fiscal burden is considerably lower than in many other jurisdictions. This gives you more money to invest in your business, rather than paying it all to the authorities!
  • The process of obtaining a Kanahwake online gambling license is relatively quick and straightforward. It is not as easy as, for example, Curacao, but with the right help, it does not have to cause a headache. Costs are also lower than some other jurisdictions, such as Malta and the Isle of Man.
  • Kahnawake has an outstanding reputation built on fair and responsible gaming and compliance. This will stand you in good stead when approaching payment service providers and make players more likely to gamble with you.
  • The license applies worldwide, except the USA, giving you excellent access to millions and millions of players.

What do I need to get a Kahnawake online gambling license?

To qualify for a Kahnawake Gaming License, the following conditions must be met by every authorised person, officer, director, shareholder, beneficial and ultimate owner:

  • Original Certificate of no criminal record of the owners of the company
  • Certified Copy(ies) of passport(s) not older than 3 months
  • Birth Certificate
  • Original Bank references of the owners; not older than three months
  • Personal Financial Statements for Directors, Shareholders and UBOs
  • Original or Certified Copies of utility bills not older than three months
  • Description and details of the games offered and gaming software being used
  • Confirmation of the RNG application and its fairness (3rd party certification) if applicable
  • Hosting of servers in Kahnawake

All documents must be in English and dated no older than 90 days. Where documents are not in English, certified English translations are required.

What is the process?

Acquiring a Kahnawake online gambling license can take 1-2 months if all your documents are in order. While every process is different, here is a rough guide of what to expect.

  1. Apply for your CPA. At this stage, you will have to produce a range of documents, an application form, and a business entity form. The information must also be provided about every person involved in the application, and a fee must be paid.
  2. At this stage, the Kahnawake company should be incorporated, and arrangements made for tax planning, a contracting company and other matters.
  3. An application should also be made for the KPA, including submitting all the relevant documentation to the authorities.
  4. Once the application and all required documents have been gathered, they can be submitted to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. A decision on the application can usually be expected within 4 to 8 weeks. The first license will be issued for six months, during which time ongoing review and testing of the entity will take place.
  5. After 12 months have elapsed, the Commission will conduct a final review of the application and will decide whether they will issue a second license. It’s usually at this stage that the operator will decide whether to remain in Kahnawake or relocate to another jurisdiction.

To start your Kahnawake online gambling license process today, contact Fast Offshore for more information. We can offer custom packages tailored to your needs, or turnkey solutions. Contact us today for the ultimate experience in professionalism, customer service, and transparency.