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Fast Offshore Packaged Services

When starting a new business, opening a new branch, or even relocating, the number of tasks involved can be overwhelming. This is especially the case if you’re not familiar with offshore incorporation or gaming licensing. This is why Fast Offshore has created Packaged Services that include absolutely everything you need to get your business started or your gaming license issued.

Our packaged services provide a simple and transparent way of reaching your goal. We understand what needs to be done, what documents you need, and what fees have to be paid. As such, we’ve created a deal that covers it all. 

Fast Offshore has been in the business for over 23 years (and counting). During this time we have assisted countless clients in a wide range of jurisdictions. We know what to expect, what the common obstacles are, how to interact efficiently with local authorities, and what nuances there are in each system. Our clients come to us with many requests and we’ve helped each of them find the right solution.

With experience spanning all of the leading offshore jurisdictions, we have standing agreements with third-party service providers and financial institutions as well as excellent relationships with regulatory bodies. Fast Offshore has negotiated great rates where applicable and can improve approval rates and processing times where relevant.

Benefits our Packaged Services


When setting up an offshore company or any kind of business, budgeting is a big part of the process. You’ve probably spent lots of time crunching numbers and figuring out what you need to spend. Accurate budgeting and forecasting will be a big factor in how successful you are. With a Fast Offshore packaged service, you know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the goal you want to achieve. This means you can be sure your corporate service budget is 100% accurate.

Simplicity and convenience

Using Fast Offshore’s service packages means that whatever service you need can be completed in a simple, straightforward and efficient manner. We like to keep things simple and these packages are a great way of ensuring that things are done simply, to schedule, and on budget. You don’t have to waste time estimating costs or evaluating different service providers. With just one package and fee, everything is taken care of efficiently as soon as you give us the go-ahead.

bullet Transparency

Fast Offshore prides itself on offering full transparency and accountability to clients. We’ve nothing to gain by hiding things or trying to entice you with a good deal, only to lose your trust later. We offer fair prices for professional service and will not try to upsell you for services you don’t need. We aim to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and this can only be achieved through transparency.

bullet No surprises

Some providers will lure in clients with seemingly low prices, only to hit them with additional fees at a later stage. These additional fees are usually required to operate, but were not included in the initial quote. Fast Offshore doesn’t operate like this- what you see and what you agree to is what you’ll get. Our packages contain all the services required to get up and running and we have not left anything that’s necessary out.

bullet Add ons

We offer additional services which are not required to open your business, but can simplify things for you and free up your time. With Fast Offshore, you decide whether you like to carry out those tasks yourself or if you require professional assistance. In other words, our services are customisable and can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

bullet Good service

Last but not least, our packaged services are a demonstration of our commitment to excellent customer service. We know that your time is short and that setting up a new business or company is stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, these services respect that by providing you with an optimum service at a fair price.

Packaged Services Offered

Fast Offshore currently offers two types of packages, one for iGaming Licensing and one for Offshore Company Formation.

bullet Offshore Company Formation

There are many reasons why you may be thinking of incorporating a company in an offshore jurisdiction. Whether it’s for business, security, investments, or just peace of mind, we can help you achieve it.

From picking the right jurisdiction to filing paperwork, conducting due diligence, and liaising with authorities, our package takes care of each step of the process.

Offshore Company Formation and Management

bullet iGaming Turnkey Packages

Our online gambling packaged service includes everything you need to start your digital gambling venture. It includes corporate advice, incorporation in an offshore jurisdiction ideal for your business, assistance in applying for your gambling license. We can also open a bank account, negotiate terms with merchant and payment providers, and ensure you are compliant.

iGaming Services

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