Belize Offshore Bank Account

About Belize – Belize (formerly British Honduras) is a scenically beautiful, independent country located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America. It has an area of approximately 23,026 sq km, and is bounded by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south.

The administrative capital is Belmopan, but the major commercial centre is Belize City, which is located on the eastern coast close to the major international airport.

Belize has double tax treaties with the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and the countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). The text of the UK/Belize Double Tax Treaty is available at

With the aim of being removed from the OECD grey list, Belize signed TIEA’s (Tax Information Exchange Agreements) during the first half of 2010 with the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands. A further 11 agreements have been initialed. The agreements are with Ireland, Italy, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, the Faro Islands, Mexico and Aruba. They will be officially signed once ratified in each country.

Belize Taxes – No taxes on corporate accounts. Belize does not tax non-residents. For you this is a tax haven. No taxes. No tax returns to file. No capital gains tax. No inheritance tax.

Belize Offshore Bank Account

About our Belize Offshore Bank Account – The bank is a private offshore bank that is well established. They offer multi-currency accounts in most major currencies. They speak English, Spanish and French. They answer emails and phone calls. They offer online banking including the ability to execute out going wire transfers online.

Online Banking:
Yes full online banking including being able to send outgoing wires.

Multi-Currency Accounts:
Yes. You can bank in most major currencies including but not limited to: USD, CAD, EURO and others.

Minimum Deposit:
US $5,000 or foreign currency equivalent.

Stock Brokerage and Forex:
Full Stock Brokerage, all major exchanges around the world and forex

Bank Issued Visa and MasterCard:
The bank does issue Visa and MasterCards with corporation names only on the card. No personal names on the card. They have a great card program. If the Visa card is tied to a corporate account, ONLY the corporate name appears on the card. If it is a numbered account then the persons name appears BUT we could use the abbreviated short form for security. You could have a corporate numbered account and that way get the card with only the anonymous bearer share corporation name on the card. The important thing is that the name of the owners of the anonymous bearer share corporation could not be looked up in any public registry or database.

Bank Language Capability:
The personnel at the bank speak and write English, French and Spanish. They do answer the phones and return emails promptly.

Private Bankers:
Private Bankers are provided. They will be of great assistance when it comes to investments.

Restricted activities: Online gaming and related activities; Dating agencies; Promotion of adult content websites and related industry; Trade of weapons; Trading of pharmaceutical products; Wholesale of mobile phones, electronic computer components, cigarettes and other tobacco products; Businesses that intend to raise funds from the public or promote multilevel marketing programs; Businesses that offer alternative payment systems, e.g. e-gold, e-cash, or plan to use the company and its bank account for offering unlicensed clearing services / third party settlements for investments and securities; Professional intermediaries that hold funds on behalf of clients; Regulated financial services (insurance brokerage, money transfer systems etc.) whereby a proper license has not been obtained.

Belize Offshore Bank Account

The fee to set up the Belize Offshore Bank Account (Corporate) is included when you purchase one of our Corporate Packages. The fee to set up the Belize Offshore Bank Account (Personal or Corporate) is $450 when ordered on its own.

Belize Offshore Bank Account Due Diligence Requirements:

  • Original Certificate of Incorporation /Certificate of Good Standing
  • Original Memorandum and Articles of Association/Incorporation
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing opening of the account and conferring authority on the person who will operate the account
  • Notarized Copies of passport (the page with photo and signature) for Authorized Person, all Directors/Officers and Beneficial Owners. A notarized copy of Driver’s License is also required for US and Canadian citizens.
  • Original Utility Bill as a proof of address for Authorized Person, all Directors/Officers and Beneficial Owners.
  • Original Bank References for the Authorized Person and Authorized Persons (if any) as well as for all Directors/Officers/Beneficial Owners.

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