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Online Gambling License in Costa Rica

While in the not too distant past, the Central American country of Costa Rica has been home to more than 300 online gambling companies, the numbers have decreased dramatically in recent years.

There still is no governmental or regulatory framework governing online gambling or eGaming whatsoever, as such no official Costa Rica Online Gambling License designed to deal with e-gaming (gambling over the Internet) exists.

The absence of legislation governing online gambling operations or administration from Costa Rica means very clearly that a Costa Rica Online Gambling License does NOT exist

The businesses and operations of Costa Rica-based online gambling or eGaming companies are not not regulated, supervised or licensed in any way shape or form, includingthe so called ‘Data Processing’ license.

Because there is no official organization to issue any kind of license or recognize license holders, there is no betting or gaming tax whatsoever. Again, to be clear, there is no such thing as a Costa Rica Online Gambling License, Data Processing License or the like.

Although an extensive Fiscal Reform plan has been introduced by current President Carlos Alvarado Quesada, of the PAC party, Establishing a gaming control board or implementing licensing fees in Costa Rica was not part of it or even mentioned. Unlike his predecessor Luis Guillermo Solis, also of the PAC party, who had hopes to establish a gaming control board for online gaming. In the past, the Finance Ministry had released draft plans for regulating said industry. Included in the plan is a tax on online gaming of 0.5 % of gross income to help fund the control board. Additionally, a 5 % tax would be levied for the fight against crime. The new board would report to the Minister of Interior and Police and would process six-year gaming licenses at a suggested annual fee of USD $50,000.

With our Online Gambling Company you can legally offer Online Gambling (Sports Betting, Online Poker, Online Casino Games, Online Bingo and every type of betting) options from Costa Rica. This includes classic sports bets football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, horse racing and greyhound racing. The company may conduct business world wide via the internet securing clients from all over the globe. As no special Costa Rica Online Gambling License exists or is required in Costa Rica, the business is operated by a specifically registered Costa Rican Company. This provides for all the profits from the company to be tax free and indemnifies the directors from liability.

What does our Costa Rica Online Gambling Company (Gambling License Alternative) Include?

  • A Costa Rica Corporation: Costa Rica is an outstanding choice when it comes to incorporating an online gambling business as no rules, regulations exist meaning no license is required. Complete zero-tax status, and the world’s friendliest online gambling legal environment enable you to conduct your business 100% confidential and compliant.
  • 2 Hours Personalized Advice: Need some help or assistance with conducting your business offshore? We offer the best after-sale support in the industry, and will do our best to assist you with whatever concerns and problems you might have … !  Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in the business.

A summary of the benefits of registering your Costa Rica Online Gambling company with us:

  • all nationalities accepted as directors or owners
  • only basic due diligence required
  • fast (2 – 3 week) turnaround
  • affordable initial costs and fees
  • affordable ongoing annual renewal fees
  • operations can be undertaken worldwide
  • no paid up capital deposits required

What a wealth of the benefits !

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**PLEASE NOTE** Banks in Costa Rica do not open accounts for online gambling businesses. Also, as Costa Rica is a completely unregulated, unsupervised and unlicensed environment we are unable to open traditional bank accounts for Costa Rica companies engaged in Online Gambling.

**PLEASE NOTE** We do not provide online gaming services of any kind to companies planning to accept customers from the USA or any other restricted countries