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Incorporate in Gibraltar

Background & General Outline

Gibraltar is a small peninsula located on the southern coast of Spain. It covers a total area of 6.5sq km and its coastline stretches for 12km only; there is a 1.2 km borderline with Spain. The Strait of Gibraltar links the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. Its highest point is the rock of Gibraltar which reaches 426m and is surrounded by narrow coastal lowland. The supply of fresh water is limited and there is no agriculture.

In July, 2009, the population was estimated at around 29,000. The official language is English although Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian are also spoken. The ethnic groups settled in Gibraltar include Italian, English, Maltese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Gibraltar is a British Crown Dependency. Its 1965 Constitution provides for full self-government of Gibraltar in all matters except internal security, external security and foreign affairs.

In 1967 Gibraltar established Gibraltar’s status as a tax haven and commenced its development towards what has now become a modern and recognized European offshore financial centre.

Legal System

Gibraltar’s legal system is based on English common law.


The official Gibraltar currency is The Pound Sterling


English is the official Language of Gibraltar, but most citizens speak both Spanish and English.

Disclosure of the Beneficial Owner

The names of the shareholders are required to be listed on the Annual Return and Incorporation documents. The identity of the beneficial owners of the Gibraltar Non Resident Company may remain confidential if a foundation or corporate shareholder (Nominees) is used to act as the shareholder on behalf of the ultimate beneficial owners. This confidentiality is maintained as long as the company and its ultimate beneficial owners are not involved in any criminal activity.


Provided that:

1. The company we Incorporate in Gibraltar is owned by persons who are not resident in Gibraltar.

2. The company we Incorporate in Gibraltar is controlled (directed) by persons who are not resident in Gibraltar.

3. The company we Incorporate in Gibraltar does not trade or carry on business in Gibraltar or with residents of Gibraltar.

4. The company maintains its Company Register, Registered Office and Resident Secretary in Gibraltar.

5. The company does not remit ANY income to Gibraltar.

the company will not be subject to any income taxes therein.

Double Tax Treaties

Gibraltar has not entered into any double taxation treaties.

Exchange Control


Name Restrictions

Any word that the Registrar considers undesirable. Any name that is identical or similar to an existing company or sounds similar. Any name that implies illegal activity or implies royal or government patronage bank, banking, broker, brokerage, capital, credit, currency, custodian, custody, dealer, dealing, deposit, derivative, exchange, fiduciary, finance, financial, fund, future, insurance, lending, loan, lender, option, pension, portfolio, reserves, savings, security, stock, trust or trustees.

The name of a limited company, shall end with the word “Limited”, or “Ltd”.

Trading Restrictions

A Gibraltar company cannot undertake to the business of banking, insurance or the rendering of financial services to the public unless special permission is granted. Companies cannot trade with resident individuals or companies situated in Gibraltar other than in relation to the maintenance of premises, banking and professional services, unless they have special permission from the Central Bank of Gibraltar..

Summary & Features

We can offer you your own Tax-Free Gibraltar Non Resident Corporation. You may choose from a NEWLY FORMED Gibraltar Non Resident Corporation which takes approximately 10-15 business days to incorporate, or an OFF-THE-SHELF Gibraltar Non Resident Corporation ready for delivery within in as little as 5 – 10 business days.

A Gibraltar Non-Resident Corporation is free to engage in many types of business activities, and it pays NO taxes in Gibraltar provided it remains in compliance with the ‘Non-Resident’ rules of Gibraltar outlined above.

Local laws require that a yearly report must be filed and our office, through our affiliates will handle this for you. Provided the corporation remains in compliance with the ‘Non-Resident’ rules of Gibraltar there will be NO TAX consequences. However, even without income it is still necessary to file the annual abridged account documents, and remit the annual fees to keep the corporation in good standing.

Incorporate in Gibraltar

OUR Gibraltar Non-Resident Corporation Package Includes:

  • name check
  • preparation of memorandum
  • preparation of articles
  • preparation of registration forms
  • filing with the registrar of companies
  • payment of filing fees
  • certificate of incorporation
  • share certificates
  • minutes of board meetings
  • resolution to open a bank account
  • register of directors
  • register of shareholders
  • 1st year registered office
  • 1st year registered agent
  • 1st year government administration and maintenance

Gibraltar’s legislation has long created favorable tax conditions for offshore operations but the country’s popularity as such has only caught on over the last few years.

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