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Why financial institutions are rejecting USA Citizens as clients

WOODY ALLEN once remarked that believing in God would be easier if He would show Himself by making a large deposit in a Swiss bank account in the director’s name. Parking riches in the Alps has become a less heavenly experience in recent years, thanks to America’s assault on its tax-dodging citizens and the moneymen who serve them.

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Offshore Companies: How to escape the offshore property tax trap

On December 11, the Government published draft legislation outlining new taxes and charges which will have to be paid by offshore companies which own property in the UK. Although a consultation document on the topic was issued in May, there have been some significant changes since then – and property owners should start to plan accordingly before the laws come into force.

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Tax Havens: Myth vs. Fact

In recent years, so-called tax havens have been attacked by opponents of free trade and free markets. International bureaucrats and left-wing politicians accuse tax havens of everything from facilitating tax evasion and money laundering to precipitating financial instability. Such attacks are inaccurate and obscure the fact that

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