Going Offshore

The increasing abuse of your right to privacy, outrageous taxation, and the omnipresent danger of potentially devastating litigation are driving money and people offshore more than ever before. Every change or move short sighted politicians make, triggers another layer of middle to upper middle class taxpayers who realize that it is very reasonable and affordable to recoup their losses by establishing an offshore tax shelter.

Courts have ruled time and time again that people can plan their efforts so as to pay the minimum amount of tax possible and that the taxpayer may use any legal means to do so.

Tax laws have become so convoluted with twists and turns that many taxpayers miss opportunities that can reduce, defer or even eliminate taxes. Without a doubt, this confusion is the overall intention of tax bureaus throughout the world. Taxpayer reporting requirements are getting tougher and tougher in a concentrated effort to discourage people from realizing the benefits available through offshore investing and business opportunities.

It’s A Great Decision To Go Offshore!

Establishing yourself in a jurisdiction with strict laws that ensure the privacy of your affairs is essential. When doing so you should establish a corporation, trust or foundation, so that there is a legal entity other than yourself in place to hold your assets. This effectively circumvents your personal tax situation should the offshore entity realize earnings on those assets. If the entity’s jurisdiction features freedom from taxation, your money can grow through international business dealings, offshore investments or even simple bank interest with no tax burden.

Become a Client and go offshore now! We will help you plan your offshore structures and show you how to keep your business and personal affairs private – and as early as a few weeks from now, you will be looking back, thanking yourself for having taken this important step.