Divorce Settlements and the Case for Offshore Asset Protection

You only need to take a look at court cases involving divorce issues these days and realize what the world is coming to. Famous celebrity weddings have ended in divorce with one party seeking half the entire wealth of the other party. It’s especially painful and frustrating to work all your life for what you own and have someone take that all away by virtue of the fact that they were married to you. Women most especially ask for the equal sex treatment when it comes to all other areas of life but when it comes to wealth and alimonies, they conveniently feign ignorance of the “equal sex” concept.

There are many ways to protect yourself from falling into the trap before you get there. Legally speaking there’s little you can decide to do when the court has already passed judgment on what you own, any attempt to protect your assets at that point will be deemed as part of a “fraudulent transfer”. Pre-nuptials might be one way to go but never forget that all it takes is a smart lawyer and a violation of one clause of the agreement to lose a huge part of your wealth.

When you really want to maintain your financial security you should do so way before your marriage perhaps even before you meet the proverbial “love of your life”. This way the courts will have no claim to “fraudulent transfer” and you will be simply a beneficiary of the more legal aspects of asset protection.

By registering and offshore trust or offshore company, you may easily transfer a number of your assets into the legal jurisdiction of theses trusts and companies. This way you may retain control over these assets but in a legal sense you may not directly own them. Local corporations work wonders for asset protection, you can then imagine what offshore asset protection will save you in case of unforeseen eventualities.

Now is truly the time to get established offshore before it’s too late!

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