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Why financial institutions are rejecting USA Citizens as clients

WOODY ALLEN once remarked that believing in God would be easier if He would show Himself by making a large deposit in a Swiss bank account in the director’s name. Parking riches in the Alps has become a less heavenly experience in recent years, thanks to America’s assault on its tax-dodging citizens and the moneymen who serve them.

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Foreign banks see rich pickings in China

Overseas investment may become more of a choice for China’s richest families as foreign private banks are looking at offshore opportunities for their Chinese customers to avoid tougher regulations in the country, a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey said.

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The Offshore Blame Game

The #1 tax haven in the world is none other than the United States of America. More ill-gotten wealth is hidden and money laundered in Wall Street banks through Delaware corporations than any other place on the planet.

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