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Bank Account Opening

Opening an offshore bank account via distance banking is slightly more cumbersome when compared to opening a domestic bank account, considering one actually walks into a branch when opening a domestic bank account. As one of the oldest professional offshore banking service providers & incorporation agents on the web, we have relationships with major offshore banks and financial institutions around the world, and stand ready to assist you every step of the way during the account opening process.

We offer our clients assistance opening bank accounts in the following countries:


Antigua Offshore BankAntigua

Austria Offshore BankAustria

Bahamas Offshore BankBahamas

Belize Offshore BankBelize

BVI Offshore BankBVI

Cook Islands Offshore BankCook Islands

Costa Rica Offshore BankCosta Rica

Curacao Offshore BankCuracao

Cyprus Offshore BankCyprus

Denmark Offshore BankDenmark

German BankGermany

Hong Kong Offshore BankHong Kong



Malta Offshore BankMalta

Panama Offshore BankPanama

Singapore Offshore BankSingapore

Switzerland Offshore BankSwitzerland




Generally speaking the procedure to open an offshore bank account consists of properly preparing and submitting the following documents:

  • Notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and/or Articles of Association (for corporate accounts)
  • Certified copy of your government issued passport (for both personal and/or corporate accounts)
  • Original Utility Bill (for both personal and/or corporate accounts)
  • Bank or professional reference for the account signatory (for both personal and/or corporate accounts)
  • Completed banking applications and forms which we provide and assist in completing

What Banking and Brokerage facilities are available?

  • Multi-currency accounts;
  • Online banking;
  • Trading in shares, bonds and other titles;
  • Credit card and debit card;
  • Personalized Account Management Services;
  • Term Deposits;
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading;
  • International Payments



Do You Offer Bank Account Opening for Licensed Businesses?

Yes! We are able to assist with applying for accounts for various licensed businesses such as Forex Brokers, Online Gaming or Online Gambling Businesses and various others.