Comparing the Anjouan, Kahnawake, and Isle of Man license

When starting an online gambling business, obtaining a reliable and reputable gambling license is of utmost importance. In this blog post, we will conduct a comprehensive comparison of the online gambling licenses offered by Anjouan, Kahnawake, and the Isle of Man. We will examine key factors such as cost, time frame to acquire, requirements, limitations, and benefits associated with each license. By delving into these aspects, aspiring operators can make informed decisions about the most suitable licensing option for their online gambling ventures. But remember, for all advice and guidance, our team are just an email, or call away!

Anjouan online gambling license

Anjouan, a small island in the Indian Ocean, offers an iGaming license that serves as a viable option for operators seeking to establish an online gambling business. The Anjouan iGaming license provides a cost-effective solution, making it attractive to startups and operators with limited budgets. The licensing process is relatively quick, with a shorter processing time of just a few days. The license is not yet well known, but it is starting to grow in its reach. Nonetheless, the Anjouan iGaming license offers flexibility in target markets and operational strategies, providing opportunities for operators to enter the online gambling market swiftly.

Kahnawake online gambling license

Kahnawake, a First Nations reserve in Canada, is renowned for its reputable iGaming license. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) oversees the licensing process, ensuring a high level of player protection and industry compliance. The KGC imposes rigorous requirements on operators, including financial and technical standards, as well as responsible gambling and anti-money laundering measures. With a strong emphasis on player protection and market the Kahnawake iGaming license offers significant benefits for operators who want a credible license.

Isle of Man online gambling license

The Isle of Man, a self-governing British Crown Dependency, is a highly respected jurisdiction for obtaining an iGaming license. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) oversees the licensing process, ensuring a robust regulatory framework and global recognition. While the licensing process is tougher and more costly than other jurisdictions, the Isle of Man is a good choice for those who want to invest in a European licensing base.The license offers numerous benefits, including a favorable tax regime and gives operators a strong reputation, credibility, and access to the European market. 


The cost of getting set up is an important consideration as it will impact how much you have to invest in other areas of your business such as software and marketing.


Anjouan offers a cost-effective option for obtaining an online gambling license. The initial licensing fee is relatively affordable compared to other jurisdictions, making it appealing for startups and operators with limited budgets. Additionally, ongoing renewal fees are relatively low, which can contribute to long-term cost savings.


The cost of obtaining a Kahnawake online gambling license varies depending on the type of license and the size of the operator’s business. While the cost may be higher compared to Anjouan, it generally falls within a reasonable range for many operators.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man license is often associated with higher costs compared to Anjouan and Kahnawake. Operators are required to demonstrate sufficient financial resources and stability to operate a gambling business. Despite the higher expenses, the license offers various benefits that can outweigh the initial investment.

Time Frame to Acquire

In iGaming, time is money and how long it takes to get set up may be an important matter for many operators.


Acquiring an online gambling license from Anjouan is generally quicker compared to other jurisdictions. The processing time can be just a week as long as all documents are submitted correctly and on time.


The licensing process in Kahnawake involves a thorough review, which may take several months to complete. Operators need to demonstrate compliance with the jurisdiction’s strict regulations, ensuring the protection of players and maintaining the integrity of the industry.

Isle of Man 

Obtaining an Isle of Man license can be a lengthier process compared to Anjouan and Kahnawake. Operators must undergo comprehensive due diligence, financial assessments and demonstrate adherence to strict regulatory protocols. The acquisition process can take several months, potentially longer for more complex applications.


Each licensing jurisdiction has requirements and criteria operators must meet before being granted a license. Some are standard, and others will depend on the client, service being offered and other matters.


Anjouan has a reasonable level of requirements compared to other jurisdictions. Operators need to submit the necessary documentation, including a business plan, proof of financial stability, and technical details about the platform. While the requirements are more accessible, some critics argue that this may result in perceived inadequacies in player protection and regulatory oversight.


The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has established robust requirements to ensure a high level of player protection and industry compliance. Operators must meet financial, technical, and security standards. The commission also emphasizes responsible gambling measures and effective anti-money laundering procedures.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man imposes strict requirements on operators, aiming to ensure the integrity of the online gambling industry. Applicants must demonstrate financial stability, integrity, and compliance with anti-money laundering measures. The jurisdiction also emphasizes player protection and responsible gambling initiatives.


However, there are some drawbacks when it comes to these three licenses.


The Anjouan license may face limitations in terms of global recognition . While it can be an accessible option for startups and smaller operators, its reputation and recognition may be limited to specific regions. This may impact market reach and player trust, particularly for operators targeting a broader international audience.


While the Kahnawake license is well-established within North America, it may carry less recognition in other parts of the world. This limited international recognition can pose challenges for operators seeking to expand their market presence beyond the North American region.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man license primarily focuses on European markets, which can be a limitation for operators aiming to target customers outside this region. However, the license’s reputation, regulatory framework, and global recognition provide a strong foundation for operators within the European market.


What are the main benefits of the three jurisdictions under scrutiny?


The Anjouan license offers several benefits, including its cost-effectiveness and quick processing time. These factors make it an attractive choice for startups and smaller operators looking to enter the online gambling market swiftly. Additionally, the jurisdiction provides operators with flexibility in terms of target markets and operational strategies.


The Kahnawake license carries a solid reputation within the online gambling industry, providing operators with credibility, player protection, and access to various markets. The license is comprehensive in scope, allowing operators to tailor their services to specific market segments.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man license offers a highly respected regulatory framework, global recognition, and favorable tax benefits. Its strong reputation enhances operator credibility, attracting customers and business partners. The favorable tax regime, including low corporate taxes and exemptions from capital gains and inheritance tax, can significantly benefit operators in terms of financial sustainability and growth opportunities.


Selecting the most suitable online gambling license is a critical decision for operators. Each license, whether it be from Anjouan, Kahnawake, or the Isle of Man, presents its own set of cost, acquisition time frame, requirements, limitations, and benefits. Operators should carefully evaluate their specific needs, target markets, and long-term goals to make an informed decision that aligns with their objectives and ensures a successful and compliant online gambling operation.

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