Benefits of the Kahnawake gambling license

The Kahnawake gaming license offers operators a flexible, cost-efficient, and straight forward setup process with a whole host of benefits. A well-respected jurisdiction and a preferred location for startups, operators can enjoy competitive setup and maintenance costs, enticing fiscal benefits, and an agile licensing process. So what exactly are the key benefits of the Kahnawake license?


The Kahanwake Gambling Commission is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and reputable around. They take a firm stance on responsible, fair, and ethical gambling and come down hard on those that break the rules. Monitoring of gambling and operator activity is ongoing and any violations of the rules, or complaints from players can result in license suspension or even revocation. This means that for you as an operator, having a Kahanwake license tells players that you are compliant and take ethical gambling seriously. In turn, this will make them more comfortable to gamble with you, directly increasing your revenue.


While it is not the lowest-cost license out there, the Kahnawake gambling license is among the most cost-efficient. The application fees are relatively low and you only need two licenses- the Client Provider Authorisation and a Key Person License, to operate. This means you can have more liquidity to invest into your platform and to spend on things such as games, software, and interface. At Fast Offshore, we think that in terms of value for money and considering the great reputation Kahnawake has, this license is the best choice for most startups and more established businesses.


Online gambling is a regulated sector and getting a license is always going to require legwork. This includes filing an application, submitting documents, and paying fees, as well as setting up companies, bank accounts and more. But when it comes to Kahnwake, there is not as much paperwork as in other jurisdictions. You will need to provide a criminal record check, ID documents of all key stakeholders, birth certificates, bank references, personal financial statements of directors, shareholders, and UBOs, utility bills, details of the games and software being used, confirmation of RNG and third party certification, and it is also necessary to host servers locally. Asides from this, the actual process is straightforward, particularly if you partner with Fast Offshore.


Compiling all the documents and preparing the application will take between 2-3 weeks. Once it has been filed, you will then have to wait between 4-8 weeks to recieve your approval. This approval is temporary for a duration of six months and during this time, the commission will supervise and evaluate your operations. You then have the choice to change it to an annual license, or transfer to another jurisdiction.

Fiscal benefits

Those with a Kahnawake Gaming License (Client Provider Authorization) can enjoy 0% gaming tax on all gross gaming revenues. This is great for businesses that want to keep overheads low and focus on reinvesting revenue and profit into expanding the company. Thereis also no capital gains tax, income tax, or any other kind of fiscal levies imposed by Kahnawake.


A Kahnawake license gives you great accessibility to a range of markets around the world. Of course, you cannot offer services to sanctioned or blacklisted states, and the US, but otherwise, there are no other local restrictions. This means you can expand your business into global markets, benefitting from a range of markets and opportunities.

Not only does Fast Offshore have over 26 years of experience within the online gambling industry, but we’ve worked in Kahnawake since the beginning. This means we are in the right position to guide you into making the best decision for your business.

Fast Offshore also enjoys a big network of contacts both in-territory and internationally that will help you get set up and operational quickly and efficiently. We know the application process thoroughly, as well as whom to talk to and how to overcome certain obstacles. Contact us today to help us make your dream a reality!