Reasons why you’d want to start a fund

Are you thinking to start a fund? As we become more financially savvy, more of us are looking to invest our savings in ways that will provide us with a return. While some prefer higher-risk investments such as stocks and bonds, many prefer regulated vehicles that allow a slower growth of funds. So what exactly is a fund, and why should you start one?

What is a fund?

In the context of this article, we are talking about investment funds such as incubator funds and approved funds. These are investment vehicles where investors pool funds or assets in the hopes of making a return. Funds are overseen by investment managers and are regulated products. There are also requirements such as reporting on the status of the fund and ensuring it remains within certain parameters. If you want to start a fund, read on to find out why you should.

1 To build a track record

If you are a beginner investment manager or want to build a track record, starting a fund is a part of the process. This can be tricky, especially in an industry where your track record often determines your success. It is a typical catch-22 situation; to start funds, you need a good track record, but to get a good track record, you have to create a fund. Thankfully, there are jurisdictions where you can start a fund without prior experience.

These include the BVI incubator fund. This fund is straightforward and cost-efficient and can be set up quickly. Furthermore, there are no complicated requirements involved, although it must remain below a specific value and number of participants. Once you have demonstrated your track record, you can transition the fund into another type or set up funds elsewhere.

2 To create a fund between friends or family.

Another reason you might want to start a fund is that you want to invest with friends and family. Family-orientated funds are an excellent way for members to pool resources and make gains when investing in specific portfolios. In these cases, it is not always possible to spend a lot of time and money setting up complex structures- more simple alternatives are preferred. 

Likewise, not all families will have significant sums to invest, which requires funds geared to lower investment caps. To start a fund of this kind, incubator or approved funds in the BVI are recommended. They are accessible and provide families or groups of friends with an efficient way to invest together.

3 To see investments grow

One of the main reasons people start a fund of any kind is to see their investments grow. Of course, no fund or investment gives a 100% guarantee on returns. Therefore, such undertakings should be taken with care.

There are many different ways people can invest these days. Funds are popular with those who prefer a lower-risk approach than, say, forex or the stock market. Funds set up and managed by a professional and including friends, family, or colleagues are in demand. As a result, several jurisdictions have created fund vehicles tailored to a beginner or lower-value investors that want to see their funds grow in a regulated environment. 

Where should I set up my fund?

In our view, one of the best places to start a fund is in the British Virgin Islands. A well-established financial centre, BVI offers stability and a sterling reputation. It has become known for offering a range of fund vehicles to suit every kind of investment manager. From its incubator fund geared towards first-time managers to approved and private funds, there are many options available. Once you have established a fund there, you can develop it into other kinds of funds. Alternatively, having built your track record, take it elsewhere.

Fast Offshore

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