Apply for a Vanuatu forex license, step by step

Are you thinking to apply for a Vanuatu forex license? Starting your own forex brokerage is a big but exciting step. Before you make any decisions, you must ensure you are clear on the process and requirements. It is also advisable to partner with a professional to make the application go smoothly. The forex sector is continuing to grow, particularly over the last two years. Keen interest in financial markets, fuelled by increased internet and smartphone usage has led to millions of new forex traders looking for places to trade.

In terms of jurisdictions, Vanuatu is a safe, secure, and respected location that offers operators value for money, an efficient setup process, and a business-friendly working environment. Here’s how you go about getting licensed in Vanuatu.

Ensure you have picked the right jurisdiction

Several different jurisdictions offer offshore forex licensing, but not all are suitable for everyone. They come at different prices, with varying application processes and wide-ranging benefits. Therefore, you need to do your research and be sure that a Vanuatu license is for you.

Benefits of a Vanuatu forex license include zero tax on all income generated outside of the country, minimal paperwork, flexibility, and a facilitating business environment. Not only that, but a Vanuatu forex license allows you to buy, sell, trade, and store assets on behalf of your clients with fewer restrictions.

Pick a corporate service provider

You are more than welcome to try to apply for a Vanuatu forex license by yourself, but it will likely be challenging. To complete the process quickly and efficiently, it is best to partner with a corporate service provider. Fast Offshore has worked with offshore entrepreneurs, including forex brokerages, for over 24 years. This has given us ample experience in licensing processes and other matters like opening accounts, incorporating companies, structuring, and compliance.

Collate your documents

To get a Vanuatu forex license, you will need to go through an application process. This requires collating several documents, filling out an application form, and filing them with the Vanuatu authorities. While what is required may vary depending on individual circumstances, the following documents are required as standard.

  • A certified copy of the passport for each director/officer/shareholder/beneficial owner
  • Proof of address through a utility bill such as water, electricity or fixed telephony
  • Evidence of a clear criminal record
  • No bankruptcy declaration
  • Original or certified bank reference letter
  • CV for each director/officer/shareholder/beneficial owner showing evidence of applicable experience
  • Detailed information on the target market and where they are based

All documents should be less than three months old, translated into English, apostilled and certified where necessary.

Apply for a Vanuatu forex license

Fast Offshore will check your documents to be sure they are in order. We will let you know if anything else is required to ensure your submission stands the best chance of being approved. Once we are satisfied, we will file your application with the Vanuatu authorities. The chances of getting denied if you have everything in order is slim, but there are some requirements to bear in mind.

  1. When you apply for a Vanuatu Forex license, you must prove you are of good standing This means, no criminal record and being appropriately qualified to run a forex business.
  2. You should also be in good financial standing. Therefore, no history of bankruptcy or financial mismanagement.
  3. Another requirement is passing a due diligence check, carried out firstly by Fast Offshore and then the Vanuatu authorities. The idea is to verify your identity and proof of address.
  4. A business plan should also be provided including detailed information on potential customers and where they will be located.
  5. You also need to appoint an AML/CFT compliance officer, bound by periodic reporting duties.

As long as you tick these boxes, there should be no issue. Remember, Fast Offshore can assist you in all of this process, including appointing corporate officials.

Launch your forex business

All you need to do now is launch your forex business! Just make sure you team up with Fast Offshore to benefit from the most professional, transparent, and efficient advice possible. What’s more, is we promise to deliver the entire process with only the highest level of customer service. Don’t wait to start any longer; contact us today to apply for a Vanuatu forex license.

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