Live casino: Why you should launch one in 2022

The last year has been great for the online gambling sector. Already a strong sector, it has continued to expand, bringing more innovation, investment, and interest. One of the main emerging trends is that of live casinos. Some operators are setting up stand-alone live casino brands and offering various forms of live dealer options. Whatever you are considering, here are some reasons why you should take the leap!

Live casino is increasing in popularity

Live casinos have increased in popularity significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic. As land-based casinos shut due to tightening restrictions, players searched for something to fill the void. While the pandemic is not over and many countries are heading back into lockdown for the winter, interactive, online gambling demands are increasing. This has been one of the significant drivers behind the growth of live casinos over the last 18 months. Even when the pandemic abates, many casinos will not reopen their doors and instead focus resources on online gambling.

With high-tech smartphones and access to high-speed internet, players can now stream games effortlessly to their devices. This, in the context of demand for digital entertainment with a social aspect, means live casino is an excellent investment for 2022.

Online gambling is booming

It is not just live casino that is booming, the entire online gambling sector is experiencing a period of impressive growth. This trend was driven by the ongoing shift towards a more digital realm and was already present before the pandemic. By the end of 2020, the global iGaming sector was worth $64.13 billion, and by the end of this year, it’s projected to surpass $72.02 billion. With a compound annual growth rate of 12.3%, it will likely reach $112.09 by 2025. 

This makes it one of the most pandemic-resilient sectors around. As corporate service providers, we have noted an influx of inquiries and requests to start casino businesses. Many of these have had a focus on live casino. This interest suggests confidence in the sector and should reassure any potential investors.

Consumers want interactive experiences

The player of 2022 wants high-tech, slick, and interactive digital entertainment experiences, and online gambling is no different. When playing from a mobile device, some miss the excitement of being at the table with others. This can be rectified through live casino games. 

Further integration of technologies like VR and AR can make the experience even more enjoyable. This will also increase player loyalty, time spent gambling, and revenue. It would help if you offered as many live dealers and live casino games as possible, adding in other technologies where possible. 

Allowing users to create avatars or interact with other players while seeing them are great options to consider. Remember that this sector is extremely fast-paced, and keeping up with competitors is key. Live casino is the perfect response to players that want a social gambling experience without entering a land-based casino.

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