5 reasons to launch an eSports gambling business in 2022

With 2021 drawing to a close, many of us are considering what lies ahead in 2022. For many, it means new ventures, opportunities, and ideas. For some, it will be deciding whether to launch an eSports gambling business. If that is you, and you are currently considering it, here are five reasons why you should go for it!

eSports is growing

What was niche a few years ago is now one of the hottest entertainment trends of the moment. eSports and eSports betting experienced a pivotal moment during the COVID-19 pandemic. As regular sports games were suspended or postponed, eSports filled the void. It provided a way for gambling sites to recoup potential losses and introduced millions of fans to eSports. Today, it’s one of the fastest-growing verticals and is being enjoyed by mainstream sports fans as well as its original niche followers. For those looking to launch an eSports business, this trend means it is a safe bet.

Gambling is booming

Let’s also look at the bigger picture. Online gambling is also going through a period of growth. Fuelled by the pandemic and supported by new technology, access to fast internet, and uptake of smartphone use, the figures are promising. The industry will top $72.02 billion with a CAGR of 12.3% by the end of the year. This means that it will easily surpass $100 billion in the next couple of years. But the market is far from saturated. Millions of new users mean there is ample opportunity for eSports businesses and gambling businesses alike.

Investors are ready

ThThere have been billions ploughed into the eSports sector recently. Many mergers and acquisitions have taken place, demonstrating readiness by those with funds. For example, in August 2020, Bitkrafft Ventures raised more than $165 million for eSports investments, and a month later, $90 million was raised by Mobile Premier League, Asia’s leading eSports platform. Also worth noting is the Malta-based Esports Entertainment Group acquisition of Helix eSports software provider ggCircuit a year ago. 

These are just some examples of many multi-million dollar deals involving the eSports sector. This shows that investors are confident in its growth and are ready to put their money where their mouth is. For those looking to launch an eSports gambling business, these figures should provide encouragement and reassurance.

Technology is supporting growth

Out of all the world’s internet users, the vast majority (over 92%) access via their mobile phone. When combined with the availability of other technologies, advancements in smartphone technology have significantly contributed to growth. Other developments are paving the way for eSports bets to be placed by wearables, home devices, and voice commands. Integration with cryptocurrency has made micro betting and regular betting quicker, more secure, and cost-efficient. We can also look at AI and VR, which will continue to transform the gambling experience for all players, including personalisation, onboarding, fraud prevention, and more interactive experiences. With new technologies being developed all the time, it is an exciting time to launch an eSports betting site.

More people are online

As of January 2021, there were more than 4.6 billion active internet users globally. This number is increasing and is likely to surpass 5 billion next year. This is excellent news for those who want to launch an eSports gambling business as it means a large pool of potential customers.

The digital shift is well underway, and demand is increasing for online entertainment. Both watching eSports and betting on eSports take place online, which is another great reason to start your business.

Ready to launch an eSports gambling business?

Now you know why you should launch an eSports gambling company in 2022, how to go about it? Fast Offshore has been working in the gambling sector for over 23 years. Furthermore, we have worked with eSports clients since before it crossed into the mainstream consciousness. Fast Offshore can open a company, set up payments, deal with company structure, and help you with licensing. We can also ensure you remain compliant and take care of all ongoing maintenance. If you want to run your idea past us or discuss possible jurisdictions to base your business on, contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you, every step of the way.

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