Live dealer games, why you need to consider them

In an increasingly competitive market, online gambling operators are always looking for new ways to develop their client base. One of the best ways to do this is by expanding the portfolio of products you offer. Live dealer games are getting more popular amongst customers, especially since the start of the global pandemic. If you are an operator looking to increase your gambling services, the inclusion of live dealer games is a great place to start.

But how is the market developing? What do the statistics say? And which games are particularly in demand?

An introduction to live dealer games

Live dealer games are online casino games that allow players to play as if they were in a real land-based casino. They use natural, human dealers who deal with the cards or carry out other activities in real-time, in front of a camera. This image is streamed directly to those that play the game. Players can interact with the dealer and other players (to an extent) while sitting at home or on a mobile device.

The dealer is experienced and qualified in the same way that a dealer in a land-based casino is. The players can see precisely what is happening as it happens, but cards typically contain microchips connected to a computer network. This reduces the chances of fraud or disputes while the game is ongoing.

Of course, there is a lot more technology than just that involved in the process. In fact, new technology is constantly being considered for integration into live dealer casinos. Virtual reality augmented reality, and AI is all helping to take the sector to the next level, providing a viable alternative to land-based casinos and a better gaming experience from non-live dealer games.

What’s the attraction with live dealer casino?

Live dealer games have always been popular. Humans are social creatures and enjoy interacting with other people, be it in real life or online. By utilizing streaming technology and high-quality cameras, operators have been able to capitalize on social gaming. This became even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. As billions of people were stuck at home, unable to go to casinos, work, meet friends, or even the shops, socializing online took off in a big way. 

Those that were regulars at land-based casinos found themselves stuck. Those that liked to gamble online but were unable to socialize as well needed other options. Operators that were quick off the mark started pushing their live casino products. Those without many live casino games on offer were quick to start providing them.

What are the benefits of offering live casino games?

There are several benefits for providers when it comes to offering live casino games. They include:

  • Increasing acquisition of players. If you offer live dealer games, you can increase traffic to your site and new accounts. Live dealer games will bring players to your site, and other products will make them more loyal. This directly translates into more customers and increased revenue for the operator.
  • People are increasingly preferring digital socializing. We know that people prefer to use their phones, streaming, and social media to keep in touch with friends and family. Likewise, we also know that almost three-quarters of people will use the internet to socialize by the end of the decade. This suggests that simple non-live mobile games may decline in popularity as the demand for live dealer games increases.
  • You can reach different demographics. Typically, older generations prefer to visit land-based casinos. The provision of safe, secure, and user-friendly live dealer games means it will be of interest to them. In terms of younger players, they will be keen to stream the game live to their devices.
  • There is more variety on offer. There is a wide range of different games that are suitable as live dealer games. Blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and more must all be included in the portfolio. The more options, the better for your clients and profit margin. 
  • Increased player trust. Players tend to find live dealer games more trustworthy. This is because they can see what is going on, put a face and voice to the person dealing the cards, and interact with them. Users find this much more relatable than simple graphics on a screen and are more likely to gamble with confidence. 

The future of live dealer casino

Live dealer games contribute $1.2 billion a year to the gambling sector. Some operators have also indicated that 25% of all revenue comes from these kinds of games. In other words, players love live dealer games, and they tend to opt for platforms that offer them. 

Operators need to be offering live dealer games in their portfolio of products; combined with other games; there is also space for stand-alone live dealer sites. To keep up with the demand of the evolving market and keep a competitive edge amid many other sites, this is necessary. When it comes to launching these products, make sure your current license covers you. Most jurisdictions offer a one-size-fits-all license that allows live dealer gambling, but there may be other considerations. It’s always a good idea to consult with Fast Offshore to make sure you are going about things in the right way.

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