Get inspired to start a successful gambling company

Inspiration to start a successful gambling company

Starting a successful gambling company is no easy feat, but it’s certainly possible. In a sector that’s booming and ripe with opportunity, there are lots of chances to find a niche and attain success. The key is finding the right path, the right time, and going with it. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most well-known and successful gambling companies in the world’s stock markets.

eSports Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we gamble. A sector once dominated by sports betting has had to make way for eSports which have now successfully transitioned to the mainstream. Its growing popularity has brought with it new revenue streams and a whole new demographic of gamblers. Therefore, it’s not surprising that one example of a successful gambling company on the stock market is an eSports company.

eSports technologies own a number of companies in the eSports sector. These include online betting sites, free-to-play games, platforms and wagering tools, and even an exchange that is due to launch soon. Their wide range of services means they can offer products to a significant chunk of the sector.  The company is now on NASDAQ which is impressive as it’s under two years old. With the eSports sector heading for a gross value of $1.8 billion, it’s fair to say that this company and stock is one to watch. It’s also a good example for other businesses looking to break into the eSports sector. It demonstrates that great things can be achieved in a short time.


A little older than some of the others on this list, DraftKings is a successful gambling company that launched in 2012. Based in the US, the company provides daily fantasy sports and sports betting services to millions of customers. They provide a platform where players can take part in daily and weekly fantasy sports in all the major US tournaments. Other sports on offer include UEFA, Premier League, NASCAR, Canadian Football League, and tennis.

The company also branched out into offering an online sportsbook in US states where it’s legal.  Then in 2016, the company wanted to merge with FanDuel, another key player in the market. It was halted by US authorities as they would have controlled 90% of the market. The DraftKings platform currently has more than 10 million users. In April 2020, the company went public and launched on NASDAQ. Since then, they’ve been busy buying up other companies to help them expand their portfolio of services and products in multiple locations.

Flutter Entertainment

Another leading successful gambling company is Flutter Entertainment. A holding company based in Ireland, it was born of a merger between Betfair and Paddy Power. The company is on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100. Under its corporate umbrella, it operates multiple well-known betting brands such as Paddy Power, Sky Bet,  BetEasy, BetFair, and FanDuel.

When DraftKings merger with FanDuel fell through, Paddy Power Betfair as it was known at the time, moved in. They purchased the company for $158 million and launched US services via the FanDuel Group. The company then branched out into Canada in 2019 through the purchase of The Stars Group. This made it the world’s biggest and richest gambling company in terms of revenue. 

Today, it has a revenue of more than GBP 4 billion a year and it employs thousands of people. It operates in the UK, Italy, Ireland, the US, and Australia. The company also operates some 600 land-based betting shops in the UK.


Playtech started out its life in 1999. It was founded by an Israeli entrepreneur called Teddy Sagi who was based in Estonia at the time. The company was built in collaboration with designers, developers, and engineering experts from within the industry. Since then, it’s gone on to become one of the most successful gambling companies in the world. Their portfolio includes providing software for online casinos, bingo, poker, slots, and scratch cards. They also build mobile games and liver dealer games.

The company first went public in 2008 on the AIM but is now on the London Stock Exchange. Over the subsequent years, they acquired a number of other companies in the sector. Their games powered some of the world’s biggest and most successful gambling sites. They also developed AI-based fraud detection software and other compliance solutions. 

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