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blockchain startup success

Just over a decade ago, blockchain came into our lives. It was originally designed as the decentralized, immutable, distributed ledger powering blockchain. But since then, it’s gone on to enjoy solo success.

Today blockchain is powering countless networks, programs, and systems around the world, as well as recording billions of cryptocurrency transactions. This humble concept is pipped to “change the world”, and to revolutionize multiple industries.

Blockchain technology, whether private or public networks, is being used in logistics and shipping, finance, trading, gambling, healthcare, education, and even the real estate market. Even those who first sneered at the technology, are now embracing it, integrating it into their business operations. Big names such as Steem, IBM, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, DocuSign, Shell, Walmart, Ford, DHL, and HSBC are all using or currently developing blockchain solutions for their business. There are also plenty of blockchain startup success stories.

But what about startups? Which startups took a gamble on blockchain and have since gone on to great success? Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting.

Celsius Network

In terms of blockchain startup success stories, this is a great one. Since Celcius launched in 2018, they have loaned over $1 billion to borrowers. One of the first blockchain lending companies in the world, they enable borrowers to use cryptocurrency as collateral. For example, a borrower can borrow a certain amount with 1% interest and use crypto like bitcoin or ether as collateral. It also gives individuals the opportunity to earn interest on the coins they hold and give to Celcius as collateral. By the end of 2020, Celsius was available in more than 100 countries around the world. It also undertook a new round of funding and is now open for investment from all investors, not just venture capitalists.


TENX is a digital wallet creator with a focus on cryptocurrencies. Based in Singapore, they have facilitated a way for people to store crypto in the cloud. Users of the TENX wallet can even store multiple different types of cryptocurrency. They are also issued with a card they can use to spend crypto anywhere that accepts card payments. The main benefit of this card is that it can even be used in places where crypto is not accepted. Cardholders can set limits as they wish, giving them full control over their funds. It also enjoys superior security including multi-signature cold storage, biometric authentication, two-factor authentication, email notifications, and private key storage.


Founded in 2016, Belgium-based startup Settlemint helps players to set up and incorporate blockchain solutions into their business. The company enjoyed more than EUR 5 million in funding, helping them launch and grow in a very short period.

They offer an infrastructure that helps companies simplify the design of blockchain systems and benefit from scalable codes. This helps them go from zero blockchain implementation to full service in less time, for less money, and with less complexity.


Bulgarian blockchain startup success stories Limechain was launched back in 2017. The business model focuses on creating blockchain solutions and infrastructures for both startups and established businesses. They provide smart contract assistance, blockchain development, ICO, and crowd sale services. The company also operates LimePay which allows users to execute payments and orders for dApps with fiat, instead of cryptocurrency. Using just a credit or debit card, the platform allows users to make payments to merchants that only accept cryptocurrency. So far, Limeechain has already worked with big names like Raiffeisenbank and Procter & Gamble.


This company is run by a team of junior developers. Each of them dreamt of bringing together the gaming industry and blockchain tech. It’s a crypto gaming platform and it provides each new sign-up with up to 500 games to enjoy. It also has its crypto token called MGO which brings lots of benefits to its gamers, allowing p2p matches, tournaments, and a form of exchange and payment. When players buy in-game items with their tokens, they can also earn additional benefits. The site is already profitable, demonstrating that this decentralized and fully transparent model, can work. This is a great example of blockchain startup success stories.


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