10 Best practices that make you a trustworthy gambling operator

Setting up an online gambling business is an exciting time. Getting your license, choosing what games you will offer, building your client base… but how can you ensure your reputation stays intact?

Being a trustworthy gambling operator helps you build brand loyalty, encourage visitors, and make them feel secure when they gamble with you, especially in such a competitive sector. 

Include gaming license details

Every legal online gambling operator must have a valid online gambling license issued by the authorities in the jurisdiction where the company is based. To be a trustworthy gambling operator, the license number and a link to the authority’s page, when applicable, should be included in the footer of every page. This way, if a customer has an issue with your site, they can revert to the licensing authority with one click.

Be transparent with your company name and address

You must also display the company’s legal name, address, and telephone number throughout your websites. It’s also necessary to include it in the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Instil trust in your clients by being open about who you are. A nameless, address-less gambling company does not fill customers with confidence.

Display RNG information

A random number generator is a bit of software that generates a sequence of numbers randomly. It is necessary for gambling as it prevents bias and produces unpredictable numbers by random chance. Most licensing authorities require you to have an RNG and to use it for games that require the generation of random numbers. To be considered a trustworthy gambling operator by customers, you should display information on your RNG. This will reassure your users that they are not facing unfair odds when they play games of chance.

Include SSL encryption to be a trustworthy gambling operator

Secure sockets layer encryption is a technology that establishes an encrypted link between the client and server. It stops information from being intercepted and used by a third party. SSL is used with payment processors and on websites where clients input their card data. It protects customers from hackers and nefarious actors, as well as accidental breaches. If you value your client’s privacy and your reputation, using SSL encryption is a must.

Publish terms and conditions

Publish clear terms and conditions on your site. This document lays out all the obligations of the operator and the user about each other. These terms also provide a series of statements from the operator that the user must agree to before engaging with the service. It can include disclaimers, information on recourse, details of what to expect in a legal dispute, and any factors that can result in the termination of the relationship. Let your customers know what to expect from the first moment and show them you are a trustworthy gambling operator.

Be transparent with bonuses

Bonuses, loyalty schemes, incentives, cashback, free spins- all of these are great ways to bring customers to your site. Bonuses are also useful tools for increasing retention. But you must be clear on the terms of each one.

Be sure that your users understand how they work and any limitations placed on them such as playthrough requirements and withdrawal limits. Nasty surprises will result in them leaving for a more transparent platform, sharing their negative experience with their friends, and never returning. Offer great incentives by all means, but be honest about how they work.

Include two-factor authentication

We all know the risks of the internet, particularly cyber attacks, identity theft, and hackers. One of the ways you can protect your customers is by using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication tightens security and makes it harder for others to gain access to their accounts. You can even introduce additional authentications when users request withdrawals, to provide extra surety. Having adequate cybersecurity is the hallmark of a trustworthy gambling operator.

Facilitate communication with customers

Good customer service is key to building a loyal following. Your website should provide customers with multiple ways to contact your company. Ideally, include a phone number, email address, social media platforms, and live chat. It’s even better if you can offer multiple language support and operating hours that reflect customers’ time zones. Make yourself available, reply quickly, and aim to solve issues with a minimum amount of fuss.

Create and enforce AML/CFT to be a trustworthy gambling operator

It’s a legal requirement for you to abide by anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing laws. These requirements will be laid down by the jurisdiction you operate in. Sometimes, they are also defined regionally, as is the case of the EU. Rules are strict and customers are properly screened and monitored. You should create and enforce policies for onboarding, reporting, and suspicious transaction monitoring. Failure to do so can result in fines, charges, and the loss of your reputation as a trustworthy gambling operator.

Abide by responsible gaming rules

Each jurisdiction has its own responsible gaming rules. These can include self-exclusion policies, measures to prevent underage gambling, and provisions to help those struggling with addiction. Publishing and abiding by these shows customers you care about them, not just profit.

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