Online Lottery Business: Lottery Trends and Projections

Online lottery business

The online lottery business is going from strength to strength. Recently, we have dealt with many inquiries about acquiring an offshore lottery license. Out of all the online casino and gambling games, lotto is one that is often overlooked, however, it is one of the most popular.

Whether you want to incorporate online lotto into your existing platform or apply for an online lottery license to set up a stand-alone site, this article will give you a headstart on the things you need to consider. From the different kinds of lotto games to tech that is disrupting the sector.

bullet Different kinds of online lottery

Under an offshore lottery license, the operator can offer a range of different lottery games. 

bullet Traditional Lotteries

Traditional number lotteries are the most popular kind of lotto game. To play, bettors pick a set of numbers out of a predetermined pool. The exact numbers involved depend on where the players are playing. Typically, the draw will occur twice a week with payouts reaching hundreds of thousands and even millions of euros.

There is also mini lottery which takes place every day, has lower ticket prices and smaller payouts.

Daily lotto draws can be once or twice a day, have smaller number sets, and payouts somewhere between traditional and mini lotteries.

bullet Scratchcards

Scratchers or scratchcards are other types of lottery where players virtually scratch the surface of a ticket to expose the numbers underneath. Some are winners, some are not, and the scratchers come in different themes, designs, and varying ways to scratch.

bullet Multi-country lottery

Operators can also offer multi-country lotteries and these types typically have the largest payouts, sometimes reaching hundreds of millions. They have many players and usually take place weekly. These kinds of lotteries are not common with regular online gambling operators.

bullet Mobile Lottery

Last but not least, mobile lottery is becoming increasingly popular with offshore lottery license holders. Through dedicated mobile or tablet apps, users can play various lotto and check the numbers from the previous draws.

As we begin a new year, we can expect to see many technological advancements and innovations becoming increasingly integrated into lotto and online gambling as a whole.

bullet Blockchain Technology

The online gambling industry has always been one of the most responsive when it comes to embracing new technology. It comes as no surprise that at the forefront of current trends in the online lottery business is blockchain technology. The online lottery license holders have previously been hampered by inefficiencies including large fees and inadequate user interfaces. There have also been problems with the risk of fraud both from dishonest operators and criminals posing as players.

But decentralized ledger technology provides an immutable, transparent framework for lotteries to operate on. Some providers have even taken it a step further and used smart contracts to automate the entire process. This means there is no need for human intervention beyond setting the parameters of the contract. Blockchain technology can be used to increase player trust when there are doubts over whether they are getting a fair shot at the prize.

bullet Cryptocurrency Lottos

Cryptocurrency lottos are also becoming more popular. More and more operators are incorporating cryptocurrency payment options into their platforms and some are setting up stand-alone crypto casinos. Those paying for their lotto’s with cryptocurrency enjoy a greater level of privacy (no entries on bank statements), a higher level of convenience, lower transaction fees, quicker processing times, and the benefits of transacting in an immutable way.

bullet Big Data

Big Data is also making waves in the online lottery business. Those applying for an online lottery license are choosing to utilize the masses of lotto-related data out there to help them know who to target and where. More and more lottery operators are using big data to help them shift the dynamics of the industry in their favour and to help with advertising, strategy, and meeting client demands.

bullet Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to finely tune each player’s lotto experience including the type of games offered, how the site displays, and to interact with them when needed. It has also found a use in combating suspicious activity and gambling addiction which are areas that have to be reinforced as per most online gambling licensing authorities.

bullet Projections for the Online Lottery Business

Asides from the tech, what else does the future hold? Well, the numbers are looking good for those with an online lottery license.

There is an increase in the popularity of draw-based games and scratchers. This combined with increased smartphone usage is giving rise to more mobile application-based games for users that like to play on the go. 

Improved internet connections, better security and encryption protocols, and the prevalence of streaming technology have created a whole new kind of gaming online. The preference for lottery is supported by these factors and consumers are keener than ever to play online lottery games.

The European market is by far the biggest for the online lottery business. Most users access lotto platforms via social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It’s also worth noting that strictly online lotto license requirements in the EU regions lead to greater consumer trust and therefore more players within the bloc.

According to Report Linker’s Global Online Lottery industry report 2020, China is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% in the next seven years, followed by Canada with a 6.1% rate and Japan with 3.7%. Experts say this is set to increase at a CAGR of 6.6% by 2027 to over $11.1 billion. Out of this growth, online draw-based lottery games account for most due to them being the most popular game type.

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