Submitting a claim or dispute with a licensed online gambling provider

When playing at online casinos, betting sites, or other online gambling platforms, it can happen you end up in a dispute with your gaming provider. Players could feel wronged and may seek clarification or redress. Some players may feel customer service was handled poorly. In rare cases, there can be serious infringements by providers. All of these scenarios require solving. To do so, there is a process you should follow that will optimise your chance of success. In this article, Fast Offshore will give you tips on how to seek redress, raise disputes, and file complaints with a licensed online gambling provider.

Check the sites Terms and Conditions

If there’s an issue with a site, your first port of call should be checking the terms and conditions. Any reputable licensed online gambling platform will include a Ts & Cs section in an easy to locate place on the site. Usually, in the footer of the page, this includes everything the operator expects from the user and everything the user expects from the operator.

Make sure to check the Terms and Conditions

It will also include information such as the legal company name of the operator, house betting rules, bonuses, terms and conditions, bet types, sports rules, the verification and withdrawal policy. They should also include details of responsible gaming policies, conditions of use, suspension policies, and the rights and responsibilities of the operator. It also outlines what to do if there is a conflict. 

Most platforms require the user to accept the terms and conditions during the registration process. Be sure to read through to ensure you know your rights and what you are signing up for. The absence of Ts & Cs is a big red flag.

See if there is an established dispute process

Licensed online gambling and casino platforms will have an established dispute resolution process. This policy should be drawn up prior to operations commencing. It imparts to the user the exact process they should follow, should they have an issue.

This process should be easy to find and written clearly. It should also be clear who you should send the dispute to and how long you have to do so.

Contact the licensed online gambling platform

When you’ve got a complaint with a licensed online gambling platform, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. Include your customer ID, details of the complaint, dates and times of the complaint, the names of representatives you’ve dealt with, and any evidence you have. This could include screenshots, receipts, bank statements, emails, or other forms of electronic evidence. 

You must then draft a clear and concise account of what happened, in chronological order. Be sure not to miss out any of the important details. List the evidence you are attaching to the complaint, and follow each step of the process in its entirety. Be sure to make your complaint or raise your dispute soon after the incident has occurred. The longer you leave it, the trickier things can be to fix. 

If all else fails, contact the license issuer

The online gaming provider must respond to your complaint or dispute in a certain amount of time. This varies depending on the jurisdiction they are licensed in, or the Ts & Cs. If they respond and you are unable to come to an amicable agreement with the provider, you have another option. If you think you’re not being treated fairly, you can contact the license provider.

To do this, you should navigate to the bottom of their website and look for either an interactive validation link or a seal. This link or seal is required to be on their site as a part of their licensing agreement. When you click, the link will take you to the license issuers site where you can escalate the issue. Very few license providers don’t have an interactive validation link, however, you can look for the seal to identify them.

It is advisable to try and resolve the situation with the online gambling platform prior to contacting the licensing authority.