eSports Betting and its synergy with the existing online gambling industry

One of the main ways that eSports betting is a bonus for the online gambling industry is down to its large inbuilt audience. According to some estimates, over 2.9 billion people played video games in 2019.

eSports in numbers

Over 2.9 Billion people played video games in 2019

The most popular games include CS: GO and League of Legends, two of the main eSports titles. These games have around 24 million and 115 million monthly players respectively. 

In terms of viewers, in 2019, at least 1 billion people turned in to watch competitive gaming events. These are big numbers and result in a huge pool of potential customers for those operating online betting platforms.

But more importantly, these figures illustrate not just engagement potential, but how engagement in eSports relates to digitized viewing and betting. For traditional sports like football or horse racing, there is a reliance on conventional methods of viewing such as television.

Ease of access

eSports is different. As it’s streamed online, anyone who has a connection to the internet can view it online, in real-time, and for free. This level of integration and adoption goes beyond what can be achieved with traditional methods. The result is eSports having a significant advantage over physical and conventional sporting events.

Another point to consider is that eSports tournaments can easily be rewatched and restreamed after the event. Considering this is free, it is a huge benefit to those that want to bet. They are able to analyse and consider the performance of players at their own pace, leading to more intelligent wagering.

Laws already in place for eSports betting

Most importantly, eSports betting fits within the existing gambling legislation. Legal online sports betting is a widely accepted and regulated aspect of online gambling. As such, eSports can be included under laws that regulate it, as is the case in Curacao, Kahnawake and Malta.

Rather than requiring the drafting of complex and costly new legislation, eSports can just be slotted into already developed online gaming services. When you consider how stringent such laws are, this is a blessing for the industry, allowing it to flourish and grow with ease. eSports will not have to go through the complex consultations and redrafts that many other forms of online betting have had to contend with.

A growing market

These are just some of the ways that the online betting and eSports industries display synergy. The growth of eSports has been immense over the last few years and tournaments are now being streamed on big international channels such as ESPN. As a sector with a strong emphasis on sports, competition, and digitalisation, online betting operators are in a great position to leverage eSports growth.

During the first and second quarter of 2020, eSports made its most significant step towards mainstream recognition. Due to the shut down of most traditional sporting events, attention shifted to eSports for fans looking for a fix. Online betting providers started offering odds on eSports tournaments and a new legion of betting fans was created.

Setting up eSports betting sites

Some sporting events are expected to open up in the coming weeks and months. Online betting providers are confident that eSports will retain a significant part of its fan base. Therefore, if you are in the market for adding eSports to your online betting portfolio, or you want to set up an online eSports betting platform, the time is now.

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