Why you need a company formation agent

Company Formation

When considering forming your own company, it might be tempting to just go it alone. After all, how difficult could it be? But unless you have significant experience in this area and have done it before, it can be a costly mistake. In fact, using a company formation agent can be quicker, and cheaper than going it alone. This gives you more time to focus on other business matters that require your attention.

bullet Expert advice

Not all jurisdictions are created equally. Depending on what nature your business will be and your vision for the future, different jurisdictions have different benefits. Companies in Costa Rica, Malta, Panama and the UK have very different requirements and plus points. Not every jurisdiction is suitable for every business operation so you need expert advice to help you decide.

It isn’t as simple as just picking a country and opening a company, you may need to have a local address, and a resident company secretary or director. Expert advice in these cases is essential to help you ensure you meet all of the criteria. A professional formation agent like Fast Offshore will provide registered office, company secretary and directorship services for you, in your chosen jurisdiction.

bullet Quick and efficient procedure

Company registration can be quite a complex procedure. You need to find an available company name, a company secretary, create articles of association, and appoint directors. Additionally, you may have to draft a memorandum of association and make decisions regarding shares and shareholders. Not to mention KYC and paying relevant fees. By engaging a company formation agent, you can give these tasks to a professional. Each step can be carried out correctly, efficiently, and quickly, saving much time and energy.

bullet Cross-border experience

If you are unfamiliar with the jurisdiction it can be easy to make mistakes. Language barriers, cultural differences, unfamiliarity with local laws and processes- the list of things that could go wrong, is long. Not to mention, if you haven’t set up a company before, the chance of you making a mistake is high. You should also consider that each mistake will cost you time and money while delaying your operations. The best way to navigate these risks is to engage someone who speaks the local, and your language.

bullet Lower costs

Did you know that using a company formation agent is around two thirds cheaper than doing it yourself? There are various reasons for this. Most professional companies will offer turnkey packages based on what you actually need. Offering full transparency, you can avoid hidden fees or pay for services that you don’t actually need.

bullet Support and ongoing maintenance

Most jurisdictions require companies to submit annual reports, accounts filings, and to update KYC information. Some have more stringent requirements, others have more relaxed approaches. Either way, this kind of work is time-consuming, especially for a busy business owner. Fast Offshore offers maintenance services and aftercare to our clients. This is important for ensuring ongoing compliance while voiding the interruption of business activities.

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For 22 years (and counting), Fast Offshore have been opening companies for clients all over the world. Online gambling companies, forex companies, blockchain companies, and simple corporate entities -we have got you covered. With full transparency from beginning to finish, we won’t surprise you with hidden costs or sell you add-ons you don’t need. Trust us to be your preferred company formation agents and you won’t be disappointed!

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