New Advertising of Online Gambling Code, a fit with EU Legislation

In April, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) launched its first code of conduct for responsible advertising of online gambling in Europe.

The EGBA guidelines relate to ethical advertising and preventing minors from being encouraged to visit online casinos. Entitled “The “Code of Conduct on Responsible Advertising for Online Gambling”, it aims to further strengthen existing regulations and requirements in the EU.

The response was mixed, but generally, the feedback was positive as many recognise the importance of ethics over profit. To quantify the impact of the code, the EGBA mandated a third-party to conduct a thorough review.

EASA analysis

The entity selected was the  European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) who conducted an analysis of 15 EU countries. It was carried out to ascertain how the EGBA’s code compares with each nation’s existing advertising rules. The EGBA made comparisons between laws, regarding the advertising of online gambling in each Member State.

The analysis found that the EGBA’s guidelines are consistent with EU countries requirements on gambling advertising. In some cases, the Code was stricter and provided improvements on existing legislation. Certain parts of the guidelines provided more specific provisions that tightened and clarified existing laws.

“This initial analysis demonstrates how EGBA’s Code can already strengthen responsible advertising measures in a number of European countries. We’re very pleased that EGBA members are committed to apply the Code and demonstrate their commitment to responsible advertising. With its dedicated measures for social media and minor protection, the Code will drive industry standards for responsible advertising and help strengthen consumer protection for European citizens” Maarten Haijer, Secretary-General of EGBA, said.

Responsible gaming compliance

Compliance with responsible gaming guidelines and the requirement to protect minors from gaining access to online gambling platforms is necessary for several license application. In Malta, Curacao, and Kahnawake, applicants must prove they are intent on preventing vulnerable groups being targeted. The Malta Gaming Authority takes the matter very seriously and promotes responsible advertising of online gambling.

The EGBA code may not be binding but it is a good example of best practice in the sector. Even those operators who are not working in the European Union should ensure that their advertising is compliant with industry best practices.

How Fast Offshore can help

Fast Offshore has worked with countless clients to develop, implement and update, responsible gaming policies. We know what needs to be included, based on the jurisdiction of your license. We believe in self-regulation, as well as compliance with applicable laws.

We’ve already helped EU-based clients, redraft their advertising and responsible gaming policies to be in line with EGBA. Furthermore, we have provided advice to non-EU clients on the same topic to be sure they are in-line with requirements. Compliance should always be taken seriously. We believe it is a core element of running your business.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, or you don’t know where to start- you can contact us. Fast Offshore has 22 plus years of experience with this and can offer advice for startups and established service providers.

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