Changing your corporate service provider in Curacao


You’ve got a Curacao online gambling license, you’ve set up a company, but your corporate service provider isn’t making you happy. You might feel obliged to stay with a provider that doesn’t serve you. Additionally, you might think you are jeopardising your license if you move, but this isn’t the case.

Working with a provider you trust and that works for your best interests is integral to your success. You don’t need to pay exorbitant fees, purchase unnecessary ad-ons or put up with slow service. There is a better way.

Changing your corporate service provider doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. It is a straightforward process that saves you time, money, and stress. Here’s why Fast Offshore should take over your corporate maintenance, compliance, and other business matters in Curacao.

Experience Matters

Fast Offshore has over two decades of experience in corporate services. We have been working in the Curacao iGaming scene since 1998. This is almost as long as the country’s online gambling market has existed. We’ve assisted countless startups and entrepreneurs with gaining a Curacao license as well as other ancillary corporate services. We’re familiar with the local regulations and requirements, can liaise directly with government departments, and know the process inside out. If you want fast, efficient and professional service, it makes sense to choose a company that’s been working in the sector, and jurisdiction, from the beginning.


We do not just offer licensing and maintenance services. We pride ourselves on being multi-disciplinary in our approach and the services we offer our clients. Fast Offshore offers fiscal, banking, company, and financial advice as well as a range of services within those sectors. We can link you with payment providers, help you tokenize your services, enable you to branch out into eSports, apply for licensing in virtually any licensing jurisdiction in the world, and even offer sound business and marketing advice based on years of experience. We work in many sectors including iGaming, eSports, Bitcoin and Blockchain, Fintech, Finserv, Forex, and more. Over our 22 years of operations, there isn’t much we haven’t done.

This level of experience and the multiple services we provide means you are in the best place for your business and corporate needs.


We don’t just operate in Curacao. Through an extensive network of trusted partners, we assist our clients in their business needs on every continent. We work throughout European Union Member States, in Asia, the Middle East, North, South, and Central America and beyond. We recognise that business today is not constrained by borders or geography. As a result, we have strived to take our work international to reflect the demands of our clients, and theirs. If you want company incorporation in Seychelles, online gambling licensing in Curacao, a second passport, regulatory and compliance services in Malta, a bank account in Liechtenstein, a forex company in Cyprus, or a blockchain business in Costa Rica- we can help.

Time is Money

Time is money and few successful business owners have time to take care of corporate matters as well. By outsourcing to a professional company with experience in multiple industries and jurisdictions you save a lot of time and money. Our experience means we are fast and efficient. We are transparent with our fees and will not try to sell you services or add-ons that you don’t need. Fast Offshore recognises that streamlined service is the most mutually beneficial for both you and us, so that’s exactly what you’ll get. Let us take care of the behind-the-scenes of your business, leaving you to do what you do best.

Cost Savings

Considering our experience and the services we provide, we are one of the most competitively priced service providers in the world. Additionally, we never pressure you to buy services you don’t need and we’re transparent with pricing 100% of the time. Our aim is to build an excellent, long-term business relationship with our clients.

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