Legal online gambling from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its tolerant and business-friendly government. It is also known for its relaxed attitude towards online gambling operators, as long as those operators are not offering their services to those living in Costa Rica.

It may be illegal for residents to gamble online, but there are no laws or regulations against anyone operating online casinos or other online gambling platforms from the country. In fact, in order to do so there is not even a requirement to get any kind of license. The laws of the land are such that anyone wanting to set up an online gambling business from Costa Rica just has to set up a properly structured company to get the ball rolling.

Setting up a company for Online Gambling

When it comes to setting up your online gambling company in Costa Rica, you have two options. Firstly you can opt for a shelf company which is a company already incorporated that can be just transferred to your ownership. These companies already have names, but you can apply to change it once it belongs to you. The second kind of company is one that is incorporated just for you. This means you need to complete all the applicable paperwork, submit certain due diligence information and wait for its incorporation to be completed.  Either way, Fast Offshore can help you.

Choose your software

In an increasingly competitive market, being able to offer the best games and gambling platforms is a  large part of deciding whether you will succeed or not. Choosing a great software provider and offering a wide selection of good quality games is incredibly important and will set you aside from the rest.

Of course, there are considerably more steps to the process than what we have listed here, but these are just some of the key considerations. To find out more about opening an online gambling company in Costa Rica and incorporating an iGaming company, get in touch with us today. We have over two decades of experience so there really is no one better to take you through the process. What are you waiting for?