Setting Up A Crypto Casino In Curacao

A cryptocurrency casino in Curacao does not need to be licensed any differently than any other online casino, but you must adhere to the regulator’s cryptocurrency guidelines.

It is also worth noting that Curacao licensed casinos are not allowed to act as an exchange or a financial services authority, and they are not allowed to change a virtual currency such as Bitcoin into fiat currency. You can, however, use a third-party payment services provider to carry out this procedure for you while still being in line with Curacao law.

If you want to set up an online casino from Curacao, whether crypto or fiat, these are the benefits and requirements you need to take into account.


Curacao has been offering an online gambling license for many years and it is considered a prestigious and reputable jurisdiction. Benefits of the Curacao sub-license include:

  • Holders of a Curacao gaming license are able to operate with ease in the European market;
  • The cost of a Curacao gaming license is lower than that of many other leading jurisdictions;
  • Taxation in Curacao is just 2% on corporate revenue and 0% on revenue from bets, VAT, sales tax, and import duty;
  • When compared to other jurisdictions, the requirements for licensing in Curacao are less and lower cost;
  • A Curacao gaming license can be obtained in between 2-4 weeks as long as all documentation is presented on time and is in order;
  • There is only one type of license required, regardless of the type of games provided.


If you want to apply for a Curacao online gambling license for your crypto casino, you need to prepare inter alia the following items

  • Criminal record check
  • Copies of a valid passport
  • An incorporated Curacao company
  • Utility statement no older than three months as proof of address
  • Right of the domain certificate
  • A comprehensive description of games offered
  • A list detailing all jurisdictions of potential operation
  • Information of all servers that will be used
  • Copies of all software provider agreements

Fast Offshore

Fast Offshore has been assisting clients in setting up companies and applying for online gambling licenses in Curacao for 22 years. As such, we are perfectly prepared to guide you through all application processes as well as to handle tasks such as company incorporation and bank account opening. While Curacao offers a quick licensing process, we can save you time, effort, and even money, by using our experience to guide you. To find out more about bitcoin and crypto casinos and doing business in Curacao, contact us today.

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