Fast Offshore Proudly Unveils Rebranding Excercise

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Fast Offshore are proud to announce the results of a re-branding exercise that has seen the introduction of a new logo and stylistic updates to our website.

In an increasingly globalized world and after more than 22 years of operation we felt it was time that we updated our image to reflect our vision and the calibre of the clientele that we work with. Opting for a minimal and more streamlined look, we worked closely with our design team to create a logo that we feel represents our company and the level of service we provide.

For social media, we have opted for a simple “F” presented against a mauve background. Consisting of three cream coloured lines, the letter is designed to be impactful and simple as well as instantly recognizable. 

Our website has also undergone a subtle overhaul which includes a change to a more neutral colour palette utilizing white, mauve, and cream. Gone are the green and cream backgrounds, instead replaced with a simple background, punctuated by clear text in a modern and striking colour.

We have also changed our primary font, opting for a widely spaced, curved yet simple typeface that is both elegant and professional.

Director and Founder of Fast Offshore Ron Mendelson said:

“Fast Offshore has evolved into a global service provider, working with clients all over the Americas and Europe- we needed to update our image to reflect our reach. In a competitive market, we need to stand out visually as well as with the service that we provide- hence the re-brand. With our new logo and website in place, I feel Fast Offshore now creates a visual feeling that matches the level of professionalism and satisfaction of our client’s experience.”

Ron Mendelson, Fast Offshore CEO

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Fast Offshore has been working within the corporate services sphere for over two decades. With an aim to deliver and maintain best business practices across a variety of sectors, Fast Offshore strikes a perfect balance between service clients best interests whilst ensuring compliance with the law. Operating throughout the America’s including Costa Rica, Curacao, BVI, and Panama as well as EU jurisdictions such as Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, UK and more, they we are perfectly placed to assist with a wide range of services.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, bank account opening, company incorporation, tax planning, payment services, iGaming services, and more, Fast Offshore are recognized as leaders and experts in the international corporate services sphere. To find out more, contact us today.

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